Fun Uses for Ribbon Scraps

Feb 21


Paula Rose

Paula Rose

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4 great project ideas to use your leftover ribbon scraps.


Making ribbon crafts are a fun way to use ribbon leftovers of all colors and designs that you might have lying around. It’s a shame to toss out all those beautiful scraps,Fun Uses for Ribbon Scraps Articles so why not make something with them? Here are a few simple project ideas for using your ribbon scraps.   Greeting Cards-Small pieces of ribbon are perfect for greeting cards. Ribbon is a great little embellishment to add to your card. Ribbon can be attached to a greeting card using glue, double-sided tape, or even staples. Just a small patch of ribbon can add pizzazz to your card, giving it that custom look.

Ribbon Flowers-Ribbon flowers are another fun ribbon craft. Take a strip of ribbon and wrap it around in your hand in loops while holding your fingers at the center so it doesn't come apart. Use a stapler to attach it together in the center in a flower shape. If desired, add more ribbon colors in the same fashion on top.  Staple them as well. To cover up your center staples, glue or sew a button in the center. Now you've got ribbon flowers to use for embellishing a greeting card, a scrapbook layout or even a sewing project.

Scrapbook Pages-Use ribbon to decorate and embellish scrapbook pages. One example is to sew or glue a strip of ribbon down the length of a page as an accent piece. Another idea is to create a ribbon ruffle for your scrapbook page. To do this, sew a seam all the way down a length of ribbon, right in the middle and without backstitching at the front or back ends. Hold both ends of the thread in your two hands and gently pull. You will see a ruffle gradually appear. Make it as tight or loose as you would like and tie knots in the thread at both ends to keep it from unraveling.

Ribbon Display/Storage-A fun display item for scrap pieces of ribbon is to put them in a pretty jar. A canning jar is perfect for this. Decorate by putting a cute label on the outside, some ribbon around the neck and a paper label for the lid. Put it on a shelf in your craft studio as a pretty display item. This is also a great ribbon storage idea. You could get equal sized jars and put one set of ribbon colors in each jar. They will be nicely organized as well as look nice too!