Glass Compositions: Collectible Figurines

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Glass is hard, brittle and transparent and has a variety of uses from eye glasses to windows and a whole lot in between.

Glass can be broadly categorized into three basic categories: soda-lime glass,Guest Posting lead glass and borosilicate glass. It will be interesting to learn a bit more about glass so stay on this page for an interesting read.

Soda-lime glass: is the most common type of commercial glass and accounts for as much as 90% of all glass production. It is also the least expensive type of glass. This type of glass is primarily used for windowpanes and glass containers like bottles and jars.Lead glass: as the name indicates has a high percentage of lead oxide in it. It is characterized by a relatively soft surface which makes it ideal for decorating purposes where grinding, cutting, and engraving need to be done. Lead glass is unable to withstand high temperatures or sudden temperature changes. Normally one would not use the word crystal for glass due to its structure, but the term lead crystal continues to remain popular due to historical and commercial reasons and dates back to the Viennese and their famous Murano glass.Borosilicate glass: any silicate glass with at least 5% of boric oxide in its composition falls into this category. Borosilicate glass has a greater resistance to thermal changes and chemical corrosion. Due to its chemical make-up it is very useful in industrial chemical plants, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. At home our plates and other heat resistant items are made from Borosilicate glass.Now that we know so much about the types of glass and its general structure, it is time to reveal to you one of the best uses of glass. Common glass is used to make some of the most beautiful, finely crafted spun figurines ever known to man.This art dates back to the first century BC and has evolved over the years to become a flourishing industry. These exquisitely carved glass figurines are also called lace glass figurines to lay emphasis on the outstanding quality and detail of the work. There’s a whole smorgasbord of choice awaiting you – choose from dogs, cats, horses, tigers and other animals, or birds or fairies or ships or any other item you desire. Collectors of spun glass figurines can go crazy out there choosing items for their collections. The spun glass figurines are made in colored glass and crystal, with or without gold and semi-precious stones. The best part about collecting glass figurines is that each grouping has a vast selection. For example if you start collecting animals, say dogs you will be hard pressed to choose – they are so beautifully crafted down to the finest detail you will want them all. You will find glass compositions of dogs, sitting, lying down, standing, playful poses, sleeping and much more. You will also find figurines of different breeds of dogs and can very well end up with a huge collection of spun glass figurines. But it is a joy to behold these beautiful pieces and they will add cheer and enhance the décor of your home.

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