Gold Farming In WOTLK - Secrets Areas, Tactics and Locations to Make Gold

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Time to tackle how to make gold in Northrend.

Gold Farming in Wrath of the Lich King is essential now simply because Northrend is just that much more expensive to game on. So new World of Warcraft gamer beware,Guest Posting it's not as easy and inexpensive to play this expansion. In WOTLK everything is done on a larger scale so here are a couple of Profession tips to get you going.

If you choose Tailoring as a crafting profession you can make some serious gold at the Netherweave and Frostweave level. I recommend you powerlevel to these levels. The best way to powerlevel Tailoring is to use the Auction House to your advantage by buying alot of stacks of low level cloth at higher prices. Once your there you need to provide a consistent amount of Linen, Wool, or Silk. Why? Because there are alot of players that get a lot of different mounts just for the heck of it and this takes a lot of cloth donations to the factions that provide them.

Skinning is also a good way to profit in WOTLK. This is great combined with Mining and Herbalism. New leather types that will bring you profit are Arctic Fur and Icy Dragonscales. They are extremely valuable and will fetch very high prices on the Auction House. Commonly available Borean leather will sell easily, just because it's common doesn't mean it can't be profitable. Borean itself will cover alot of expenses.

Alchemy is also a great Profession to have for Wrath of the Lich King. This is because in WOTLK there is a constant need for flasks, transmutes, and consumables. The most profitable Mastery is Elixir specialization. But Potion Mastery and Transmutation Mastery can be profit generators as well.

There you go, a few tips that will hopefully get you going in gold farming in WOTLK. Good Luck.

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