Warcraft Add-Ons - WoW Add-Ons What They Are and Which Ones Are the Most Valuable

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Warcraft Add-Ons are an invaluable part of the WoW experience. Let's see what they are and how they can help.

Warcraft Add-ons are basically game extensions that can help make the game easier. They can range for quest helpers,Guest Posting combat mods, auction mods, etc. There are mods for just about anything related to World of Warcraft. And boy do they come in handy. First, let's see what you need to do to install a Warcraft Add-On.

1. Download the mod you want to install. I recommend going to Curse.com or to WoWUI.incgamers.com to find the most comprehensive list of Warcraft Add-Ons.

2. Extract files with unzip program.

3. Select all folders then right click and copy the extracted folders.

4. Find your Add-Ons folder, it is usually located at this address - C:/WorldofWarcraft/Interface/Addons.

5. Open your Add-Ons folder and right click to paste the folders you copied.

6. When you fire up World of Warcraft, click the Addons button and select the addons of your choice.

Easy enough I think. Now, since there are ton of Warcraft Add-ons, which are the ones that you really need? Well, that all depends on what kind of character you have or your playing style. Every Warcraft gamer is different so the question can't really be answered. But let's take a look at the most popular Warcraft Add-ons to gauge where you should start off at.

- Quest Helper: This Warcraft Add-on tells you how to finish quests in the fastest and easiest way possible. A huge timesaver. It also comes with a database of quests, items, and monsters. It gives exact locations of the items. It computes the quickest way to finish all of your quests and gain XP as fast as possible. A great Warcraft Add-on.

- Deadly Boss Mods: Boss mods for all raid bosses; Cool colored raid warnings; Auto respond while fighting boss. A ton more features available for this Warcraft Add-On.

- Outfitter: This Warcraft Add-On is an equipment management tool. It allows fast access to multiple outfits. Great for enhancing abilities in PvP and PvE.

- Auctioneer: Automates many of the necessary tasks to maximize your profits in the Auction House. Great for tracking the market over a period of time, allowing you to accumulate data for better decision making. One of my favorite Warcraft Add-Ons.

Well, those are just a few of the most popular Warcraft Add-Ons that are available for free. Don't get any Warcraft Add-Ons until you figure out what kind of character you want to create. They are there to enhance the gaming experience of specific types of characters, so an add-on for one type of character does not necessarily compliment a different type of character. Happy gaming.

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