How To Backup Wii Games the Most Popular Software

Apr 11


Duff Borny

Duff Borny

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Are you an expert Wii gamer? Yes, I think you are and you might pay a lot of dollars for Wii games. And I think you meet the problem after you play Wii too much, right?.

The game disks will be scratched more and more depend on the time you play it,How To Backup Wii Games the Most Popular Software Articles and you will lose Wii games forever if they have too many scratches. Can you protect the disk surface? No, you cannot, but you can avoid this problem if you know about how to backup Wii games.How to Backup Wii Games the Legally:Illegal: copy Wii games for selling or distributing to someone.Legal: copy Wii games for only private playing, do not create Wii backups for business reason.How to Backup Wii Games the Legally:You have to do easy 3 step as show below:1.    Download Wii burning software from internet, in this step, you have to check sure that the software can use with Wii games. You cannot use the general burning program that is designed for general DVD movies or music, you have to use the specific software that is designed for burning Nintendo Wii.Download Wii Burning Software:2.    After you install the program on your PC, open the program, then, put the Wii original disk onto burner tray. In this step, the program will crack the copyright protection on Wii original (this is the cause that Nero burning program cannot be used). Then, the data will be copied to your PC.3.    Take out the original disk, insert the blank disk, the program will burn Wii games to the blank disk. And you can play Wii backups instead of your original.However, the point is which is the reliable software about how to backup Wii games?Firstly, I highly warn you, do not use the free download software, you should know that the good things are not free in the world. The free software will damage your Wii disk and you will lose it forever.In personally, I recommend you to select one of these 4 software (shown below), these 4 software have proved by the Wii gamers around the world, they work very well to burn Nintendo Wii games.1.    CopyThatGame2.    GameCopyWizard3.    HomebreWare4.    EasyBackupWizardFinally, you already know about how to backup Wii games, I hope you can keep your beloved games and enjoy to play Nintendo Wii forever, do not wait till the next scratch occur on your Wii disk because it might be the cause to lose the game disk forever.