How to Look Amazing While Wearing Prescription Safety Glasses

Mar 8


Maria Shara

Maria Shara

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Wondering how to wear makeup with glasses? Find the best tips and tricks for making a good look.


Though wearing glasses (even if you don't need them) has been all the rage for some time now,How to Look Amazing While Wearing Prescription Safety Glasses Articles how to fix your hair and do your makeup remains a challenge for many women. If you're in an occupation where you need to wear prescription safety glasses, the challenge may seem even greater. The good news is that there are products, tools, and tricks of the trade that can help you look your stylish best both on and off the job. Ready to accept the challenge? Here are the "best beauty practices to adopt," compiled by experts in the field.

Choose the Right Frames

Quality safety glasses are ANSI Z87.1 rated and OSHA-approved, but they are definitely not one-size-fits-all! Today's safety frames need not make you look like you just stepped out of high school chemistry class. There are many stylish, feminine frames to choose from that will fit your particular face size and shape as well as your sense of fashion. Choose a pair that compliments you, just like you would a pair of prescription optical frames. For instance, these Biloxi frames feature a feminine shape and style — perfect for heart-shaped, oval, or round faces. What you immediately notice are the beautiful blue frames; yet they offer a discreet, nearly-invisible side shield, as well as extra protection above the bridge. If an understated aviator style is more your type, several brands offer unisex safety frames in prescription or nonprescription. If fun and edgy appeal to you, there are a surprising number of options that fit the bill. Best of all, prescription safety glasses are so inexpensive, you can afford to buy several pairs to change up your look to coordinate with your outfit or your mood.

Play Up Your Eyes

Knowing how to approach eye makeup isn't always intuitive, especially if your prescription is strong, as it can distort the size and shape of your eyes. Here's what experts recommend:

  1. Apply your makeup using a magnifying mirror.
  2. Define your eyes using liner and shadow. The thicker your frames, the thicker your liner should be. Choose light, pearly eyeshadow if your lenses make your eyes appear smaller than they are, and darker, matte shades if they magnify your eye size.
  3. Open up your eyes with a cat-eye style liner or a "flick" at the outside edges, if you want something subtler.
  4. If you're worried about your eye makeup looking too bold, use a brush or cotton swap to blend your liner and shadow slightly.
  5. Don't use false eyelashes — they're just "too much" at work, plus it'll annoy you because they'll constantly rub up against your lenses.
  6. Use a volumizing, rather than lengthening, mascara to avoid the same issue as wearing false eyelashes.

If your glasses cover your brows, you won't need to pay much attention to them if you have the glasses on all day. However, if the tops of the glasses fall below the brow line, make sure your brows are groomed and defined.

Wear Your Hair to Fit Your Job

While virtually any hairstyle or length can look great with glasses, not all styles work well for jobs that require safety glasses. If you have long hair, consider wearing it in a low ponytail or up in a bun at work to keep it out of your face and away from the materials you're working with. That doesn't mean you need to look like it took 10 seconds to do your hair that morning. Make sure it's well-combed and appropriately neat. Sleek ponytails or updos are great, but it's also good to selectively pull out little tendrils to soften the look. If your hair isn't long but still falls in your face as you're working, consider investing in a few pieces of hair jewelry to hold sections of it back.

Just because you wear prescription safety glasses doesn't mean you can't look amazing at work. Visit Marvel Optics to find a pair (or two!) that will keep you safe and make you look great.