How to Make Warhammer Columns

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Ever wonder how to make modeling flock? Or how to make a cool rusted shed? Or a neat Warhammer 40K building?Creating columns to your terrain to add more variety and beauty

Columns can bring to your warhammer terrain added beauty or sort of. In real life,Guest Posting columns can be found anywhere on your surrounding. In wargaming world columns can be very helpful at times or just a mere structure that is standing anywhere on your terrain board. In warhammer fantasy or Lord of the rings you will most likely run into these columns or various structures. Now for this article we will show you how to make simple columns that can add more structures to your terrain.

Materials List

-Polystyrene (styrofoam)

-utility knife

-fine sand paper

-soldering gun

Step 1 Cut a strip of styrofoam

Prepare the styrofoam that you will be needing in creating a column. Use a utility knife in cutting a strip of styrofoam. After cutting a strip of styrofoam, shape it into a cylinder.

Step 2 Sanding

When you have your strip of styrofoam ready, this time you have to sand away all the rough edges of your cylinder so that it will be smooth on both edges.

Step 3 Solder on grooves

When all the edges of your cylinder is already fine, its time to get your soldering gun, solder on grooves into the cylinder.

(Caution: The soldering gun gets extremely hot so take precaution while using it. It also creates fumes that will be dangerous to your health so its better to wear a mask or its best to do it near an open window or even outside.)

It is better to use a wooden stick to help keep your grooves strait. If you want to add more variety to your column you may choose to weather it by breaking off chunks around the column.

If you finish already weathering your column, you can also paint the column to add more beauty to it. It is better to base it with acrylic black, then a heavy dry brush with codex gray, and for the finale a light dry brush with skull white.

Avast!!! And there you have it your column that can be place anywhere on your terrain.

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