Selecting the Perfect Dance Makeup Brushes

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As a dance performer you want to look your best on stage.  Applying your dance makeup with the right kind of quality brushes can make all the difference. Discover how to select the necessary brushes.

As a dancer you want your dance makeup to be the best it can for each performance.  Using good quality makeup brushes to apply your dance makeup makes a world of difference to the success of your look.  The problem is there are so many different kinds of makeup brushes available to you. What do you really need to get the best look?  I have broken it down to these eight “got to have” makeup brushes that every dancer should keep in their bag. 

1.  Large Powder Brush/Complexion Brush – Use this brush with only with loose or pressed translucent powder.  Never mix and use this brush with your blush.

2. Blush Brush – This brush should be medium sized- it shouldn’t be too big or too small. It should be exclusively used for blush never use it with your translucent powder.

3. Eye Shadow Brush – Don’t use to big of a brush,Guest Posting a medium sized brush is most effective. Use this brush for both light and medium shadow colors.

4. Angled Eyeliner/Brow Brush – This brush will work for both eyebrows and eyeliner application.  It serves a double purpose!

5. Angled Shadow Brush – For this use a small angled brush is the best choice. An angled brush will give you the best and easiest application of darker shadow colors.

6. Lip Brush – Don’t apply dance makeup without this brush. You cannot achieve the PERFECT red lips if you don’t have a lipstick brush!

7. Eyebrow Brush/Lash Comb – Use these brushes to keep your brows and lashes looking natural and perfectly groomed!

8. Foundation Brush – You can get an airbrushed look to your face when you use this brush with liquid, cream or stick foundations.


Almost as important as having the correct set of brushes is taking proper care of them.  Doing this will keep your brushes at their best performance level for as long as possible. Purchasing fancy brush cleaners is not a must.  These brush cleaners can contain alcohol. Alcohol can lead to drying out the bristles.  Makeup brushes do need to be cleaned frequently.  How often do I clean the brushes I use?  OFTEN!  Cosmetics colors do not apply well when you are working with dirty brushes.  Dirty brushes lead to the colors looking muddied. 


To clean your brush start by putting a dot of shampoo/conditioner in the center of your hand.  Your makeup up brush should be wet. Either put it under running water or in a cup of water. In the palm of your hand swirl your makeup brush around creating bubbles.  Watch the suds turn from white to brown. Then under the running water rinse your hands and brush. Don’t stop until the water runs clear.  Last you’ll squeeze the extra water out of the makeup brush using a towel. 

Lay your makeup brushes flat out on a towel to dry overnight.  Brushes shouldn’t be stood up to dry.  Leaving brushes standing can cause water to get down into the bristles and wear away the glue that holds the bristles in place on the brush handle.  Doing this will mean you have to replace your brushes more frequently.  Ideally you would use a brush sanitizing machine. 

Find your perfect set of brushes for your dance makeup today! And when you do remember proper use and care will lead to your best look.

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