How to make your Tattoo Salon ready for the Trending White Ink Tattoos?

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If you want a unique design and not the traditional black tattoo or a design with bold colors, choose white tattoo ink options. It is one of the best additions to the tattoo industry in recent years. Find out more about white tattoo designs and what kind of white ink pigments are available in 2021.

The phenomenon of white tattoo ink designs has taken over the world completely. One of the most popular tattoo trends of the current year is the white tattoo design. You will be amazed to see so many men and women sporting white tattoos. If you are a tattoo salon owner,Guest Posting it is essential to pay attention to the changing trends. So, you can benefit from them. Let's find out more about the delicate and elegant trend of white tattoos.

In the past, tattoo artists only used white tattoo ink for shading and highlighting. However, today, modern artists are using colors to create monochromatic tattoo designs. If you want to opt for a subtle and less noticeable pattern, a white tattoo can be a good option for you.

Are UV Tattoos the same as White Ink Tattoos?

UV inks are different from white inks. Manufacturers use special UV dyes to create the glow-in-the-dark effect. White tattoos do not glow in the dark or under UV light. They only give subtlety to your style.

If you are a party-goer or from the raver community, the UV tattoo is the one for you! Since white ink tattoos are not visible, they can be a pleasant surprise to your friends, just like the UV Tattoos.

What is the White Out Technique?

The white-out technique covers and lightens the existing tattoos. It enables people to hide their tattoos when they change their preferences. Some people opt for the white-out method if the old tattoo fades away and does not look good. The white-out technique is famous for removing old tattoos. And, it is not similar to white ink tattoos.

Best White Tattoo Ink Pigments: Not Just One Shade of White

With the evolution of technology and demand for different types of hues and shades, you will now find several shades of white ink to deliver what your patrons demand:

White Knight Eternal Tattoo Ink

White Knight eternal ink is an opaque and smooth ink pigment. Professionals use the color for highlighting and tinting different inks. It is thinner than other Eternal tattoo ink products for mixing. Eternal inks are vegan, water-based, organic, and free of toxic chemicals. The White Knight premium-white tattoo ink color meets all the safety regulations. Available in medical-grade bottles, you do not have to worry about anything when choosing the brand.

Snow White Opaque Intenze Ink

Snow White Opaque Intenze tattoo ink is a superior ISO-certified, vegan, and cruelty-free white color. It is ideal for highlighting as well as coloring large areas. You can use it for creating unique white tattoo ink patterns. In addition to the opaque ink, you can also choose Snow White Mixing Intenze ink to dilute ink pigments and reduce their pigmentation. If you want to add another color to highlight the tattoo design or require different hues of white, you can mix-and-match using the mixing ink.

Casper White Big Sleeps Ink


Everyone is aware of the leading Big Sleeps Full Ink set; however, their Casper White tattoo ink is a crowd-favorite. Made in the USA, the Big Sleeps ink variant of Casper White is ideal for highlighting and blending. It is free from solvent, plastic, and acrylic for your safety. The white ink pigment is thick solid and ensures superior absorption.

Brite White StarBrite Tattoo Ink

Available in many sizes, Brite White StarBrite tattoo ink is a favorite of professional artists. The white color ink is highly pigmented and long-lasting. It is gamma-treated and sealed for your safety. Tommy's StarBrite Colors is an ISO-certified company, and it complies with all the regulations created by safety groups worldwide. Use the pre-dispersed, vegan ink with incredible consistency for white tattoos.

Dynamic Non-Mixing Heavy White Ink – HWD1

Made in the USA, the Dynamic Non-Mixing Heavy White ink is one of the most pigmented white colors in the industry. It has a great consistency and flow rate to create stunning white tattoo designs. The vegan and cruelty-free Dynamic brand also offers other white color hues. For example, you can use Dynamic white tattoo ink – 80z and Dynamic white tattoo color – 1oz to mix and match different shades.

How to buy the Best White Tattoo Ink Pigment?

Buying white ink requires research because it will be the only color that will determine the look of your white tattoo design. Without having the perfect quality of white ink, the final look may differ. Some people opine that the white ink tattoos fade faster, but it purely depends on the skin tone, ink quality, and the degree of aftercare. If you are confused about making the decision, here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Choose vegan-friendly white tattoo inks that are sterilized and include high-quality ingredients.

2. Make sure to check the ingredient label in detail.

3. Choose a body part that does not receive maximum sunlight to avoid the fading of the design.

4. Skin tone plays an essential part in the look of the white tattoo. If the client has darker skin, the tattoo will stand out and look more appealing.

5. Check ink compatibility with the client’s skin as certain inks can cause allergies and reactions. A patch test is also essential to check the look of the tattoo ink.

6. Traditional creams, sunscreen, and lotions that include several chemicals can affect white ink tattoos. So, only use special tattoo aftercare creams to keep the skin moisturized.

Go with the Trend!

Tattoo artists can benefit from the growing trend of white tattoo designs. Stock up on white tattoo inks in different shades and hues, and be ready for your patrons! It's time to give your clients what they demand and earn more in the process.

Happy Tattooing!

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