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You can be sure that when you play a skill based game like rummy, the rules that govern the game will also be based on solid logic. This is what endears Indian rummy to many and brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to all those who participate in the game.

When you play a game one of the main things that govern the process of playing is the rules of the game. One can even go as far to say that rules are the backbone of the game. A game like Indian rummy where the skill of the players has a large role to play,Guest Posting these rules ensure that everybody is on the straight and narrow.

Having said that, we are not here to explore or explain the rules of rummy with you. Rather we are going to discuss what they signify and why they are formulated the way they are. This may seem like a rather odd exercise, but it is in fact part of the exercise to explore the logic behind the fascinating game of rummy.

We will be examining each rule and the significance of each as we go on:

  • Random drawing of cards to determine order of play: This is one aspect of rummy that is totally left to chance. This is so because deciding on the order of play would result in a lot of disagreements and arguments. Sometimes this sort of mutually agreed upon order of sitting and playing the game may turn out to be unfair to some of the participants.

  • Leaving an open card after dealing of cards: This is one of the weird quirks that occurs in the game. The probable cause of doing this is to ensure that the player playing first in the game also has the advantage of having a choice between an open card and the closed card. This will also help the others glean a bit of information about the player by seeing whether he picks an open card or not.

  • The rule of picking a card and then discarding one: This is probably one of the most logical and intelligent rules in rummy. If the rule had been reversed with the player throwing a card before picking up one, then the game would have definitely into the realm of a chance game. This would have been a disastrous turn of events.

  • The option that allows you to drop from the game: This once again ensures that rummy still remains a game of skill rather than one that depends on mere chance. This way the player gets an opportunity to ensure that the upper hand he may have gained is not lost, if in case the cards he gets in the current game are not up to the mark.

  • The condition that you cannot use Joker unless you have a natural run: Jokers are wild cards that change the direction of the game. This means that possession of too many jokers may give a player an unfair advantage. To ensure that this does not happen, certain conditions are applied to the use of joker, which restrict the unfair advantage.

This particular article will be dealing with this set of rules. The logic behind the remaining rules of rummy will be examined in the article following this one.

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