Patchwork Quilt With Lace Appliqués

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Do you have a box full of lace tablecloths and more which you inherited and are not sure what to do with these precious lace trimmings and whole pieces? Do consider making a patchwork quilt with lace appliques. It will be another application in addition to wearable art.

Do you have or did you inherit a large box of lace tablecloths,Guest Posting scarves, doilies, curtains, fabrics and other household or clothing which is made of lace? Do you have pieces of laces which you want to either keep as memories or to recycle? Picture yourself sewing a patchwork quilt with lace appliqués.

See yourself sewing a decorator or memory bed quilt. This is a lovely way to preserve the memories of your family lace. This patchwork quilt would be a stunning work of art lying on your bed. Add accent pillows to complete the bedroom décor for an added touch of sophisticated heritage beauty.

How to assemble a patchwork quilt with lace appliqués:

  1. Measure the size of he bed for bedspread length and width and determine the size of the individual squares or rectangles which would be the topside of the quilt.
  2. Decide how you want to connect these plain squares and rectangles. Will you want to connect with sashes between the squares or just connect squares with straight stitching?
  3. Arrange the different lace pieces on the individual squares and rectangles to determine their most attractive placement.
  4. Safety pin each piece of lace into desired position. Stitch each lace appliqué starting from the center and work outward in order that each piece will lie flat. Embroidery stitches may be used to enhance or repair areas of the lace.
  5. The fastening threads of the lace and the embroidery stitching will be the actual quilting and as a result will eliminate the overall quilting which would normally be done.
  6. After the lace appliqués have been stitched in all the blocks, connect all blocks and rectangles to complete topside of quilt. Think about this for a moment…if you decided to just stitch the blocks together and the outcome is too plain, you may wish to embroider over the seams for an added luxury or complimentary finish.
  7. Attach your border which has also been trimmed with lace. The laced border will add elegance to the finished design.
  8. Line the top fabric with quilting batting, add the back fabric. Connect these final sheets of fabric by stitching in the ditch. The lace pieces will stand on their own beauty; therefore, overall quilting will be unnecessary.

As you think about how to bring about this memory patchwork quilt, but still have doubts, consider making a sample mini quilt before attempting this large project. Your time will not have been wasted sewing a mini quilt sampler as it can be used as a wall hanging or a pillow cover.

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