Relighting a Pipe

Dec 8


Dave Sabot

Dave Sabot

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Relighting a pipe means that one gets to enjoy their smoke at their own pace. Pipes burn for a long time and some smokers prefer to let them go out and relight them after a while.


This does change the tobacco's flavor a bit but many smokers like the sharper,Relighting a Pipe Articles bolder taste. The process of relighting a pipe is very similar to that required to achieve the first light. In fact, it is virtually identical save for the absence of a few steps.

The pipe tobacco will inevitably dry out after smoking. One may have to repack the bowl to achieve a proper burn. Most often, one can simply tamp down the tobacco with the appropriate tool. If one has proper tools, such as those provided on Zippo pipe lighters, they likely have everything they need right on their lighter. The other tool one will need is an aerator which will also be found on such a lighter.

Relight the pipe in the same way as one lights it right after packing it. Hold the flame above the tobacco a bit and draw it into the tobacco in short puffs. Be sure not to get it burning too hot or one will be dealing with a sharp, bitter taste instead of a smooth smoke. Once the pipe is lit, the ember should burn evenly and smoothly without hot spots or parts of the tobacco going unlit.

If the tobacco fails to light properly, one can aerate the bowl to make it burn more smoothly. Simply take the aerating tool and poke a few holes in the tobacco. Don't poke too many or the tobacco will overheat. Generally, only a few holes need to be poked into the tobacco to set it to burning correctly. If the tobacco is very shaggy before being relit, one can simply tamp it down a few times to restore the correct packing job.

Relighting the pipe can make a bowl last a very long time. Because pipes do burn for so long, it's natural to let them go out once and a while and to relight them later. Some smokers even keep the pipe in their mouth while it's burnt out. If the tobacco proves to have an objectionable taste, it may be better to just repack a fresh bowl. Enjoyment, after all, is the entire point of smoking a pipe.

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