See How Easily You Can Draw an Analogy between Online TV and Video Games

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All the time we come across a great many results of different scientific researches and Gallup polls. Some of them claim that webTV is the future. Sure thing online television gained popularity. Others compare a dramatic effect of video games on our minds and behaviour with a profound effect that online TV makes. Thus the latter suggest that video games will take its revenge in the near future. Moreover they say 80 percent of active Internet users will have a “Second Life” in the virtual world by the end of 2011. It would be interseted to know how many people are involved in watching tv and playing video games. What do folks get/lose… going in for that or those consuming activities? Why do we spend so much time wasting time before a monitor? Is it worthy of it? I’m not really sure but according to the recent research (Total TV Audience Monitor) uncounted TV viewers are growing. T-TAM found that 26 million folks (18-49 demographic group) are watching TV outside the home each week,Guest Posting and of that figure 4 million only watch TV outside the home, never at home. Does this mean that we get into the way of watching TV at work, in bars, etc.? Needless to say, that 61% of pc users play games according to the Media Matrix reports. We have to draw a parallel between these two consuming activities in order to get to know in what way we are subjected to one or another hobby. “I think advertisers realize there is more frequency to their message because there are additional viewers outside the home. But they don’t realize that so many of these are additional viewers,” says Lynnae Psaras, vice president of T-TAM. Which gadgets are of high priority when we hang out? Mobile phones, iPods, etc. These devices are at our disposal. It’s not knew for us to use them for different purposes. We already told you about pros and cons of video games. Let’s compare games with tv! They have in common: Devices. The above mentioned devices like computers, iPods, Tv sets, cell phones. TV and games give the best fit! Popularity. It goes without saying how gamers are fond of games and TV viewers take a fancy to TV news, shows, etc. Lifestyle. Watching tv without rest as well as playing online-enabled games will make you a couch potato or crazy about it. Side effects. Many people watch horrifying images both on the news and while playing games. Make sure offensive scenes to a greater or lesser extent make for raising stress and interest as well. “Everywhere we look, violence surrounds us and it is unfortunate that our children are exposed to this explicit material, whether found in video games, movies or on television,” said New York State Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno. To sum up, I would say that if you don’t want to change into a zombie, live with your own brains! Funny thing is, God helps those who helps themselves. Free watch TV online

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