Simple Ways to Keep your Hat Pin Collection

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When you have a vast hat pin collection and you want to display it so that people compliment you for it then all you have to do is get to know the various ways to display it.

The best method would be on hats. Collect a few extraordinary hats and place them on those mannequin heads you see on showroom display windows. Now arrange the hat pins on these hats and people will be able to see them better. The hat should be such that brings out the uniqueness of the pin.

You can get various types of hats for display purposes. Cloches in dark color are the ones which will be the best choice and there are others like berets and brimmed hats. You can even get the straw hats for the fancy pins. You can get hats at any old clothes shops and when all is collected make sure you keep everything in a dust free place. Displaying the hat pin collection should not spoil it.

Hat pin holders were used by many in the olden days when these pins were the crowning glory of hats in those times. These holders where either boxes or stands in which one could store and display the hat pins when not in use. If you visit some antique or old knick-knacks shop,Guest Posting you might come across a hat pin holder or a stand.

Pin cushions are something which has been there for ages. When a holder or a box for keeping the hat pin collection is hard to search for then the pin cushion concept started. These small cushions are a best home of your hat pins and look elegant when displayed in a case. Small cushions made of velvet are what are used the most.

Another very interesting method is sticking the hat pins in small blocks of foam. Then you can put these foam blocks in small boxes. Dressmaking pin wheels also serve as a good display method for hat pins. Arrange the pins on the wheel and use a candle stand to hold the wheel in place. Hat pins can also be display on old colorful scarves. That will make them look pretty. Displaying them in a box frame with a black background which is a little high will also serve as a good method.

The way you display your hat pin collection should not be more colorful than your collection. Keeping it simple is the key to a successful display of your hat pin collection.

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