The Hair Dryer Explained: It Has Been Misunderstood

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A hair dryer is a hand held small appliance that is used for blowing warm or hot air on wet hair. They are predominately used by women. Hair dryers come in many shapes, styles and sizes. There can be priced from a few dollars to well over three hundred dollars. There are lots of styles of them in the marketplace. They have become a necessity for the working woman. These appliances can be found online and in shops.

The history of the hair dryer is interesting. In 1920,Guest Posting the first hair dryer was introduced to stores. These units were very big and overheated frequently. In the 1950's housewives welcomed a hair dryer that was a small unit connected to a pink plastic cap that the user would wear. Hair dryers have come a long way since that time. Now they range in sizes from big to small and many are handheld devices.

There are many types of hair dryers. There are Ionic Dryers, Ceramic Dryers and Tourmaline. Hair dryers give off ions. The least expensive models give off positive ions which actually cause hair to frizz and to look dull. These can damage hair. Dryers with ceramic in them emit negative ions which helps hair retain its shine.

Most recently a dryer that has entered the stores and salons has been the Ionic Dryer. This dryer shrinks the water on the hair causing it to dry faster. This process leaves the persons hair sleek and shinier than other blow dryers. It is best to dry the hair in little sections paying particular attention to the section the person is working on. The rest of the wet hair can be clipped to the side.

The Ceramic Dryer heats the hair up evenly. It does not get the hair too hot. Radiant heat is used and it dries the water on each hair strand individually. A positive to this type of dryer is that it gets the job done quicker. It can dry the hair up to seventy percent faster than other models.

Tourmaline dryers are the newest innovation on the market. They are industrial strength and actually have tourmaline gemstones on the coils. These gemstones cause the dryer to produce more negative ions. This process causes the hair to dry faster and leaving it looking sleeker than the ionic dryers.

There are many types of hairdryers out in the marketplace. It is best to pick one that is moderately priced and for your hair type. There are some recommendations as to which are the best but remember to research the product prior to purchasing.

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