Top 4 Online Star Trek Video Games You'll Love

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The immense popularity of the Star Trek movie series has been successfully transferred to the field of games many times. And when I say many, I think MANY. If we exclude the 4 pinball implementations, there are about 100 titles published since in the following areas: Arcade, Computer, Console, and Mobile games. The timespan includes from 1971 until today.
Probably even hard-core fans haven’t managed to try them all. I have played most of the modern ones, and from my experience there probably about 10 that really deserve attention, but these 4 are pretty special:


  1. Star Trek: Alien Game. This is one of the MMOBG titles themed after Star Trek universe. What players have to do is build a base and support ventures fighting aliens (Species 8472 and more). You are given a choice between the Federation and the Klingon Empire and each has unique technology,Guest Posting officers, ships, and artwork to offer. Species 8472 (the product of an experiment whose purpose was to test enemies’ capabilities) trapped the fluidic space which you can explore and conquer. You can gather resources, build ships, and improve skills that can be used in combat. More information about the Star Trek:Alien Game you can find on Kongerate page.
  2. Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Elite Force is considered to be one of the best FPS games of its time. Even those who were not fans of Star Trek fans found this game very appealing. It really has amazing graphics if we consider when the time of its creation (at the beginning of the century). It is followed by equally well-designed music and sounds. The story simply makes you go on and find out what is next. The voice acting is also excellent and it adds up to the whole atmosphere. Be prepared to face with some pretty challenging exploration puzzles as well as some quite fast scenes requiring quick reflexes. There is also a bonus add-on for the true fans of the franchise which lets you explore the Voyager and its 11 decks. The detailed review is situated on the Youtube video here.
  3. Star Trek: Bridge Commander. This is an old but gold game which takes you to the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe. You are put into the character of a Captain and you get to be in the command of the Federation’s the starships which was one of the most reliable and strong – on of them is U.S.S Sovereign. The most comprehensible article about the Star Trek: Bridge Commander game available on Wikipedia here. Apart from being able to control the ship from the bridge, you can activate a tactical view which incorporates the exterior of the ship. The game is really rich in terms of details, and it is really successful in conveying the Star Trek atmosphere. 
  4. Star Trek: Slotozilla. This is another successful implementation of the Star Trek franchise in the form of a slot machine game. It features the main characters from the movie as symbols appearing on the reels, as well as sound effects and music that convey the movie’s atmosphere. During the game, you will encounter the actual photographs of Uhura, Scotty, Spock and Captain James Kirk. Each of them has a dedicated bonus game. I also found the mini clips from the original movie appearing from time to time quite appealing. Great design that this game offers in terms of graphics and sound combined with an excellent gameplay result in a unique gaming experience.

It was not easy to pick among so many good Star Trek titles, but this list represents some of the games worth trying even if you are not a Star Trek fan. That is how good they are, even though one of their main focuses is to convey the Star Trek atmosphere.

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