Top ten quotes from The Only Way Is Essex

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The best quotes from reality show The Only Way is Essex

Top ten quotes from The Only Way Is Essex

The Only Way Is Essex has got to be one of the most addictive shows on the planet and celeb gossip sites can’t get enough of Amy Childs and her primped,Guest Posting tanned and vajazzled crew. Copying Harry Derbidge’s mannerisms is all the rage and quoting Joey Essex seems the thing to do.

Many weird, wacky and downright wonderful words and phrases have been heard on the reality TV program of late and here are ten of the best:

1.     “I’m well jel”

Glamorous Essex girl Amy Childs is well known for using the popular catchphrase “well jel”, which in English means “very jealous”. The TOWIE crew certainly have a vocabulary of their own and there is just no guessing what will come up next.

2.     “Reem”

Heart-throb Joey Essex has become renowned for using the catchy adjective “reem”, but what does it actually mean? To put it simply, the word basically means “gorgeous” and is often used in a whole range of contexts: “I look reem”, “she looks reem”, “everything is reem” – got the picture?

3.     “Shuuutup”

As well as being one of the funniest guys on the show, Amy Childs’ cousin Harry Derbidge also coined the phrase “shuuutup”. Whether hearing this day in day out is funny or annoying is up to you, but camp as Christmas Derbidge is certainly a character.

4.     “Babes”

The word “babes” has a regular place in the TOWIE gang’s chitter-chatter and is showing no signs of fading away. Whether you are a boy or girl you can be addressed as “babes” and it is considered a term of endearment.

5.     “Out of order”

Turn on The Only Way Is Essex and you’ll probably hear all about something that was “out of order”. A good bitch and gossip is always on the cards and the crew simply love uttering these infamous words.

6.     “OMG”

You only have to read the latest celebrity news and flick through a selection of magazines to see that people are not only speaking, but are writing in text slang. “OMG” stands for “oh my god” and a sentence like “OMG babes, I am well jel” is typical Essex talk.

7.     “If you get a waxwork done, that’s how you know you made it”.

Believe it or not, blonde bombshell Sam Faiers actually uttered these crazy words. Forget a Grammy or a BAFTA, if a model of you is in Madame Tussauds, you must be doing well.

8.     “You’ve got fake boobs and you look really nice”.

Ladies’ man Kirk Norcross certainly knows how to chat up women and this is just one of the hilarious things this cheerful chap has said so far.

9.     “Do you know that Ireland is a different country to Wales”?

Amy Childs went out of her way to impress everyone with her political and geographical knowledge. It’s a shame they already knew – or did they?

10.  “Where’s North London”?

Poor Amy Childs may be pretty but she doesn’t seem to have much grasp of where things are – and that includes the capital city. The loveable lass even thought that Essex was in South London.

The Only Way Is Essex is as popular as ever, so be sure to check out the latest series for all the goss.





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