Types of dance instruction

Feb 9


Leonid Turetsky

Leonid Turetsky

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This article will help you understand the main 5 types of dance lessons. Learn to dance online with us.

This guide will present you with an overview of the five most common types of dance lessons and also their pros and cons. The Five types are: group lessons,Types of dance instruction Articles private classes, semi private instruction, workshops and online dancing lessons.

Group Classes

This really is one of the most popular option to start out learning how to dance. You sign up for a 6-week (or however many weeks) dance course with 10-30 other folks. All through the course you master new steps, techniques and also partnering.


1. Highly Affordable. Many group lessons average to around $12 per class.

2. Perfect for socializing. With the amount individuals in the course, you are likely to develop buddies.


1. You will need to follow the studio’s schedule. Which means, you will need to come to classes when they are planned which could not always turn out to be convenient for you.

2. The instruction is often fairly general and not individualized enough for what you may need.

3. Packed classes can result in hardly any individual attention.

Private Instruction

In my view private instruction is the perfect option to learn how to dance. There may be a maximum of 2 individuals in a private session together with One teacher. The lessons will be extremely personalized to the student’s requirements as well as objectives.


1. Simply because the focus is on you, you will advance faster. Your teacher is going to take the time to understand your own weaknesses and strengths and enable you to greatly improve with areas that's needed most.

2. You’ll pick-up in-depth teaching; learn about technique, styling, timing and others in great detail.

3. Classes are planned at your convenience.


1. This is the most expensive option. A private class can range from $60-$120 per 2 people.

Semi Private Lessons

Semi private lessons are an awesome choice for a smaller group of friends who have precisely the same dancing ambitions and are generally roughly at the same level. Usually there can be upto 6 individuals in a semi private lesson together with 1 instructor.


1. Low-cost! Because you will be sharing the classes together with 3-5 other friends, you have to pay for your slice of the action only. This averages out to roughly $15-$20/person per lesson.

2. You'll get considerably more personalized attention in comparison with a group lesson (however less than in the private lesson).

3. You will get in-depth teaching; learn technique, styling, musicality and a lot more in much more detail compared to group lessons.

4. Lessons are booked at your convenience.


1. You are still sharing the lesson with other people.

2. You could be responsible for the full sum of the private lesson no matter what. If your buddies don’t show up, you'll have to pay for their chunk.


Characterized by one-time teaching events, workshops are designed to motivate you with new ideas. They are taught in a group setting and might include possibly 100 people the class (dependant upon the instructor and room available).


1. Comparatively cheap (yet more costly in comparison with group classes). Range between $20 - $40/person for a workshop on average.

2. Best for inspiration as well as opening your mind to fresh possibilities.


1. Crowded classes with little attention for you. Specially When it is someone renowned instructing like Karina Smirnoff from DWTS, you could potentially end having a great amount of people in class.

2. You never know what to expect. One example is, the material given might be totally higher than your level and for that reason ineffective for your needs.

Online Dance Lessons

I believe that online dancing instruction is the ideal addition for all of your actual physical classes, because you can watch dance instruction on the web 24/7.


1. Often absolutely free or affordable. Paid dance lessons generally come out $1.99 per download or $10/month membership fee (on average).

2. You could observe the teachings at your own personal speed and replay them as much as you desire to.

3. You can learn how to dance whenever! With Connection to the web...(who doesn’t have Internet these days?)


1. Web based training don't have feed-back. You are responsible to learn and put into practice the information without any help.

2. Slow Connection to the web could possibly create

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