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With all of the various types and styles of dock bumpers available, how do you select the appropriate product for your needs?  This is the question everyone needs to ask themselves before purchasing a product.

Dock protection’s primary design is to protect your dock from damage as well as to minimize any damage to your docking watercraft.  Docks are built to withstand the elements of the outdoors and their tough structures can damage all types of docking or un-docking watercraft.

Your first consideration is to take into account the size of the watercrafts that dock and the height of the dock. Traditionally,Guest Posting if you are out on the open waters and have larger watercrafts, the Premium PVC products should be used because they have a unique air cushion design that traps air, ensuring maximum protection. For small runabouts, fishing boats and smaller cuddy cabin boats, the Standard PVC products are the most versatile and durable. Economy PVC products are commonly installed on docks in low traffic areas. The style of bumper is determined by the height of the dock in comparison to the watercrafts. On docks where the watercraft deck is above the top of the dock, a top mount profile should be used. Maximum protection can be obtained by installing profiles (without a top lip) vertically every 2-3 feet apart.

PREMIUM PVC products are the best line of PVC bumpers available on the market today.  PVC products also provide greater protection against splintering and skin abrasions.

SINGLE "P" - Easily installs on any horizontal or vertical surface.  Large "P" section with large air volume provides excellent protection.  

SINGLE "D" - Ensures peace of mind for any runabout or personal watercraft.  To increase the length use small corners, end plugs and connectors.  

DOUBLE "D" - Provides double the protection with two air-filled channels. To increase the length use small corners, end plugs and connectors.  Easily installs horizontally or vertically on any dock or boat house.

PILING POST BUMPERS - Made from premium marine grade PVC, molded-in UV inhibitors and fungicides, strengthening ribs and curved with extended legs to make mounting on piling posts easier.  Product comes in 6 feet lengths and is available in black or white.

PILING  BUMPERS - Made from premium marine grade PVC, molded-in UV inhibitors and fungicides, strengthening ribs and curved profile to make mounting on piling posts easier.  Product mounts easily on curved OR flat surfaces and is available in 6 feet lengths.

STANDARD PVC   products are constructed of marine grade flexible PVC, will not chip or crack under normal usage, and are unaffected by oil, gas or salt water.  UV Stabilizers prevent yellowing, deterioration from sunlight and unsightly blotching. 

FULL FACE – Ideal for larger applications, this profile provides extra strength and security against damage to boats or property.  Product has double internal channels with cross girder that adds additional protection from impacts and provides a large contact area.

SMALL “P” – This product is perfect for small outboards or personal watercraft. Product will retain resiliency and brilliance for years and can be installed in minutes.

SMALL “P” – Provides a larger contact area for added protection with the slant design, combined with resiliency and durability.

STANDARD “D” - This versatile and strong profile without a lip can be mounted vertically or horizontally anywhere on the dock face.  Standard “D” is also great for mounting on pilings.  It’s made of marine grade PVC with UV Inhibitors and Fungicides.  Product is packaged in easy to use rolls for fewer joints.

ECONOMY PVC   is designed to be used in light to medium duty applications.  Product is fabricated from marine grade PVC with UV Inhibitors and Fungicides.

“C” GUARD - This economy “C” Shape co-extruded profile is made to exacting standards from marine grade PVC with UV Inhibitors and Fungicides.  It will not crack or distort with temperature extremes.  It comes in easy to install 6 Ft. lengths or 10 Ft. coils.  It can be used on flat surfaces as well as on pilings.

DOCK GUARD - The economy Dock Guard co-extruded profile can be used in light to medium duty applications. It features a raised lip for gunwale protection on Ski and Bass boats. Product is fabricated from marine grade PVC with UV Inhibitors and Fungicides.

Dock Bumper Kits are suitable for all applications and easily mount in minutes.  This roto-molded bumper kit is fabricated from soft vinyl with UV Inhibitors and Fungicides. Each piece has angled ends to deflect craft and molded-in ribs for additional strength. The contours of each piece protects above as well as the dock face, providing excellent gunnel protection for bass and ski boats.  Typically, A Dock Bumper Kit comes with 3 pieces, 1 corner piece and 2 18” straight pieces.

DOCKUSHION Premium Foam Profiles are the ultimate in protection systems.  No need for fenders anymore! This revolutionary design incorporates a soft expanded polypropylene core surrounded by U.V. Stabilized integral skin foam. This creates the softest but most durable bumper you can treat your boat to. A molded in backer allows strong secure mounting. Unique male and female sockets at the ends make joining the pieces a snap for a seamless look. Connect lengths end-to-end for long runs. End caps and corners complete your system for a professional, clean looking job.

Inflatable Dock Wheels are available in 9", 12" & 18" .Smooth rolling wheels offer substantial dock cushioning and feature molded-in valves to adjust the level of firmness. Heavy-duty hot dipped galvanized hardware mounts securely to the dock.  Dock Wheels guide boats into your slip easily, regardless of wind and current conditions.  Integrally molded ribs both top and bottom of these wheels make them valuable dock and boat protection and formidable guards against impacts.

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