Shandong province of China will implement the marine strategy of fine chemicals

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The relevant departments of China's Shandong province disclosure that: Shandong has rich marine resources. The ocean will be the marine fine chemicals will be cultivated as strategically new emerging industry.

The thematic research group is composed of experts from research institutes. The marine fine chemicals octylferrocene have been re-defined and have four major breakthroughs. It marks that the large chemical province Shandong will accelerate across from the traditional salt chemical to the emerging marine fine chemicals in development of the blue ocean economy.

Shandong marine chemical is the leader in country. But there are still some imperfect industrial chains. They are mainly in the initial stage of basic chemical deep processing of salt and salt chemical enterprises less competitive,Guest Posting small and medium-sized private enterprises, science and technology investment in less than normal lack of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and similar products, and the majority of primary raw materials and products.

Developed into strategic emerging industries, marine fine chemicals to speed up the thematic research group first clarified the definition of marine fine chemical industry, specifically as salt, bromine, bittern, marine life and offshore oil, gas and other raw materials is carried out intensive processing industries.

After extensive research, the research group experts raised the Shandong marine fine chemical industry’s four major breakthrough directions: First, the development of key industries. According to the marine chemical industry province has been formed, the layout and development plan, Rizhao, Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai and other cities, focusing on cultivating marine biomedicine, functional fiber seaweed, marine functional food additives, marine anti-corrosion materials, diatomaceous earth deep processing of marine fine chemicals. Weifang, Binzhou, Dongying, Yantai City, as soon as possible to enhance the high-performance and high value of the fine chemical industry of the musk R-1 chlorine. In addition, we should focus on fostering the desalination functional materials, brominated polymer functional materials, marine functional foods and food additives and high-end chemical intermediates and other deep-processing industry.

Second, the introduction of marine fine chemical industry and long-term development plan. Promote the province formed a number of marine fine chemical industry gathering area, demonstration area, the brand area and the Character Area, the continuous extension, expansion, thickening of the marine fine chemical industry chain.

Third is the establishment of special development funds of marine fine chemical industry. Support for marine chemical enterprises above designated size key technological innovation and technological transformation projects, and support new areas of marine fine chemicals, new products, new technology, and early development and promote the industrialization.

Fourth, pay great attention to sustainable development. Encourage comprehensive utilization of resources to improve the overall economic efficiency industry and sustainable development. Particularly encouraging desalination and comprehensive utilization of marine biomass cultivation, deep processing and comprehensive utilization of industrial development. Source:

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