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Virtual Prototyping is basically as simulation based refinement of a component by using a function based simulation. The technology is rapidly gaining prominence as the practice of choice amongst engineers,Guest Posting thanks to its ability to immensely shorten cycles and aid faster product development. Other major reasons for rapid proliferation of the technology include the widespread availability of low-cost computers and analysis tools and the ability to integrate multi-physics simulations into a single environment. These days, computer simulations are increasingly used to calculate and evaluate the kinetic and geometric reactions of a system to various external factors. 


The fact that the results can be visualized in full 3D environment has further spurred the rise of this technology. This has finally set the stage for a brand new phase in product development; the engineer can now quantitatively assess the performance of a system by saving the expenses on the intermediate physical prototypes. Virtual Prototypes also permit a larger variety of tests to be carried out on the models, sans any risk of over-testing such as wearing out the component. This is a major boost to the process of redesign as the desired results could now be achieved a lot faster. Virtual Prototypes also facilitate the involvement of non-engineering staff such as sales personnel and management very early in the development process. In this way virtual Prototyping has gained acceptance as the weapon of choice for mechanical design system and is now widely used in sectors ranging from automotive, rail, aerospace to medical device designs.  There is significant shortage of individuals trained in the methodology which seems to be the biggest crisis the mechanical design industry is facing.    


Virtual Prototyping is the process of representing a 3D representation of your invention by the use of CAD softwares. Most prototyping companies allows their client to see the result online, in the comfort of your home you can get a 360 degree view of your component or flip it one end over another. Virtual prototyping is probably the most convenient means of communication between a designer and his customers. No matter where you are, you can do business with anyone in just about any part of the globe. The unique interface allows you to examine the component almost as if you are looking at the physical self. The customer can easily gauge how the component is going to react to various situations. In addition to the convenience of viewing your product in the comfort of your home, it is cost effective too, compared to a traditional prototype. Most manufacturers have started making the switch to virtual prototyping as it speeds up the whole process as parties can now send info via the internet, not to mention the money saved.Having said that, nothing beats the feeling of holding the component in the hand, to feel the constructions and check out whether it will work the way you want it to. Virtual prototypes are nonetheless making huge gains in the manufacturing sector.

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