When to Use a Stand Instead of a Display Case

Jan 4


David Schroeder

David Schroeder

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Discussion of advantages and disadvantages of display stands versus display cases when displaying a model ship. Factors to consider in making a choice include size, accessibility, and type of display.


The use of stands and display cases in homes and offices is becoming increasingly important day by day. However,When to Use a Stand Instead of a Display Case Articles one needs to differentiate between the two and know which one will work best for a particular usage. In this article we are going to be looking at what a stand and a display case mean, and also to show you when to use a stand instead of a display case for storage or for an exhibition, such as your collection of model ships.


Understanding The Difference Between A Display Case And A Stand

A display case refers to a cabinet made from acrylic or plastic material that is transparent and used to display objects for viewing. You can use a display case in a museum, in retail shops, in an exhibition, in your homes, in your office, in schools, in restaurants, and more. On the other hand, a stand is an object situated in a particular position used to mount or keep other objects. A stand is completely different to display cases; but the two are often related to each other in the sense that they are both use to keep, display, and exhibit objects. Some of the things that differentiate a stand with a display case are: a stand may not necessarily be enclosed, may not necessarily be made with acrylic materials, and it can be a tiny object use for a variety of purposes.  In summary, a display case is enclosing space whereas a display stand is exposed in open space.


When To Use Stand Instead Of A Display Case


  • Use either a display case or stand with a model ship on display

It is important to know that a display case is best used for exhibition, and a stand can be for any object that can be used as a destination for other objects so they can be positioned, moved, and get balanced without any hassle. Therefore, a stand should be used to for model ships that might be moved about the room.   A display case is more typically employed when the object on display is to be pretty much stationary. As applied to model ships, either can be effectively used dependent upon the size of the model and the space to be used for the display,


  • Use a stand for ease of access

Another way the stand is more useful than a display case is where they can easily be accessible.  If your model ship requires frequent attention, such as cleaning or dusting, the display stand is definitely a better solution.  Conversely, if your exhibit is purely for viewing and does not require frequent attention, then a display case is the right choice.


  • Use a display case for smaller models

It is purely a subjective decision on how large a display case you wish to use.  Because of space limitations a general rule of thumb is to use a display case for smaller objects where the case will be in a confined area. Of course, the size of the case is firstly determined by the size of the model to be displayed.


 In conclusion, having known what a stand and a display case are; it is important to understand that each of them has a way they can best be utilized for displaying our model ship collection. A display case is more useful for exhibition while a stand is more useful for keeping or mounting objects that can frequently be picked, positioned, moved, and made use of.