Why having a hobby is so important?

Jan 8


Thomas Catmark

Thomas Catmark

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“I have no time for hobby” statement is all too often ruling our lives. We are unwilling to break the said routine thinking that a hobby will only consume our valuable time giving nothing in return. How wrong we are! As if we all forgot how it was when we had a passion. And how much joy, pleasure, energy and positive feelings it brought us. We tend to underestimate the power of hobby in improving our well-being and quality of life.

Hobbies simply make us feel good. We pursue some passion out of interest. It gives us a great satisfaction,Why having a hobby is so important? Articles sense of achievement, and fosters positive emotions. If you work all day long, pastime helps escape from everyday monotony and muddling routine. For the retired hobby is a blessing that kills time, keeps in shape, improves memory, and alleviates the effects of aging. It has been proved that engaging in a hobby is great for your brain. When you feel good, the nucleus accumbens, the brain region playing an important role in reward, laughter, and pleasure, is stimulated. If you enjoy the activity you are pursuing the proper signal is sent to your brain which stimulates the pleasure zone and you feel happy. Hobbies and passions develop talents, creativity and imagination. Hobbyists are creative thinkers and good experts in the area of their interest. They are able to stay highly focused and concentrated on the subject. Pursuing a passion promotes self-esteem and self-confidence. Hobbies encourage broader perception and wider horizons. They develop the capacity of reaching beyond what is on the surface and getting a deeper insight. You are no longer limited to evaluate yourself by professional performance at work or by fulfilling a family role. Hobbies encourage friendships. Hobbyists communicate with each other through a variety of media, such as Internet blogs and forums, clubs, meetings to share ideas and knowledge. It feels great to be a part of a larger group of people that have the same passion as you do. You are not alone. Pastime is a powerful de-stresser. After a tough day's work, engaging in the activity you like brings relaxation, quiet and piece of mind. You stop thinking about work and deadlines. Hobby is a very effective way of resting and enjoying a good night's sleep. You can try to turn your passion into a profitable activity and make money on it. I know people who created a successful harley davidson miami rental business out of their lifelong motorcycling hobby! So get yourself some hobby to live happy life.

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