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Many people in the United States think that the lottery only exists in this country. It could not be farther from the truth! Many countries have their own lottery and in this article we are going to take a look at the different types of lotto games out there that you can play.

All Types Of Numbers Used 5 Ball,Guest Posting 6 Ball, 7 Ball, Etc. –

In different lotto games you must choose numbers from a variety of numbers given to you. A five-ball lotto game simply means that you have five numbers to choose and there will be five numbers drawn which will be the winning numbers. There is also a six-ball lotto and seven-ball lotto. You would choose six numbers, and seven numbers, respectively. Usually, for these types of lotto games you would be given the numbers one through thirty five to choose from in your five, six or seven ball lotto.

This is not the limit on the lotto games out there, though. There are lotto games that go all the way up to sixty-ball lotto. Your success in winnings all depends on which type of game you choose to play, what numbers you have to choose from and what lotto system you are going to use. There are many variables involved that can help you increase your chances of winning a good chunk of cash.

Biggest Jackpots –

Many people have struck it rich by using the lottery system. Some have used proven methods while a few just got really lucky.

Here are some of the biggest jackpots won in the lottery:

It is widely believed that the largest lottery is the yearly Christmas lottery in Spain, which is called the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad. In Spain they use euros as a currency, but for the sake of this article the numbers are approximately transferred to American dollars. The jackpot in 2003 reached $2.2 billion dollars! The first prize winnings were 470 million dollars, and the second prize winnings were 235 million dollars. Of course, the first prize is usually won by more than one person and then split up amongst the two or more winners. It is still a huge amount of cash to win from a lottery ticket!

Mega Millions is another large lottery with an even bigger jackpot. This lottery game is played in twelve states of the United States. In early 2007 the Mega Millions jackpot reached 390 million dollars. There were two winners, one in Georgia and one in New Jersey. They split the winnings. According to all of the recorded lottery winnings in the world, this Mega Millions jackpot is the latest winning of all of them.

Powerball –

Powerball is a lotto game that many people in the states love to play. Powerball actually has two drawings in the same game. On television, they show five balls being chosen from one pool, and a sixth ball (the Powerball) being chosen from another pool. It is owned and operated by the Multi-State Lottery Association or MUSL. In the United States, 24 states and the Virgin Islands and DC play the Powerball.

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