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The paradigm shift in review sites. How a smart World of Warcraft gamer can inform himself with unbiased reviews before he ever considers buying a strategy guide.

So what is a gamer guide review? It is a review that is given by actual WoW gamers that have used a particular Warcraft guide. This was inspired primarily because of what I saw so much of online - a bunch of so called "reviews" that were actually sales pitches by the website owner. As I noticed more and more of this I came to realize that they weren't actually reviews but carefully,Guest Posting and sometimes not so carefully, sales letters with the sole intent of selling a guide.Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making a sale, but there IS something wrong with disguising your page as an unbiased review when it actually is just the opposite - an extremely biased review with the intent on making a sale. Now I'm not here to espouse the virtues of advertising, I'm simply pointing out a tactic that is used by some to make a sale, a tactic I disagree with but hey, if a potential buyer doesn't find a problem with it then it doesn't really matter. But my point is that such tactics inspired me to try something different. I wanted to find an honest way to gather reviews by actual users of WoW strategy guides; a place that someone looking for a good guide can find honest and unbiased reviews so as to make a more informed purchase.World of Warcraft Gold Guide Database was born of this idea. What is it? It's a site where we post WoW strategy guides such as gold guides, leveling guides etc, and allow the users of the guides to submit their own reviews. That's not the half of it though, in order to let the cream rise to the top, sort of speak, the site averages the user reviews and lists them in the order of average review score, in other words the better the rating the closer they are to the top of the page. The order is determined solely by the reviewers.I hope this approach is one that a smart gamer can appreciate. This approach brings real value to our site and our sincere desire is that in the end the visitor will come away better informed.

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