World of Warcraft Gold Guide Database - Enlarge Your Bags to Maximize Your Time and Profit

Apr 16


Carlos Castro

Carlos Castro

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Why bags are so important when you first start playing WoW.

This is one of those easy to forget tactics in World of Warcraft,World of Warcraft Gold Guide Database - Enlarge Your Bags to Maximize Your Time and Profit Articles one that could cost you if you don't cover this base early on. You usually realize that you need to get on the ball on about your bags when you find that rare drop and you can't drop anything to get it because you have too many important items. Well, you need to fix that quickly because you'll feel the need bags as early as possible, especially during the first 10 levels.

Well, there are several ways to fix this but let's look at the cheapest and quickest ways first.

What does your guild have or what do your friends have? Find out, because if you can find a friendly tailor you can do some farming and get enough materials to have them make you some bags for the cheap. Tailors are capable of making almost any bag in the game, the only limitations they have is for those special bags for those special drops. If you can't find a tailor use tradechat to find one. There's a good chance you can find one that is willing to trade some labor for a good tip.

Also, do some early quests and kill mobs in transit. Humanoid mobs often drop linen cloth in the newbie zone. Get going on this early to start accumulating some cloth to use for a friendly tailor. Some of the quests are specifically for getting bags.

Wharf Master at Rachet: Old Moneybag, a 6 slot bag.

Captain Sander's Hidden Treasure - Captain Sander's Booty Bag (Alliance only) at Westfall.

Digging Through the Ooze in Wetlands - 10 slot bag

Sturdy Lunchbox 12 slot bag can sometimes be had from the drops from mobs of Venture Co. Foreman in Stranglethorne Vale.

Swirling Vortex, Thousand Needles can occasionally drop a 12 slot bag
Now, if this fails you need to find a good deal at the Auction House. In order to accomplish this you need to hit the Auction House when there is a gluttony of bags to be found, this will ensure competition and will allow you to get the deal your looking for. This is where your Auctioneer add-on comes in handy, you'll be able to survey the field and find when the supply is high. Couple this with some patience and you will find a winner. It should go without saying that your target is the best bag at the cheapest price that you can afford.

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