Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet - Part 13

May 26


Tasos Vasilopoulos

Tasos Vasilopoulos

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Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet
By Tasos Vasilopoulos
Part 13 - Time to work – Start building your link popularity - Search for the right partners
This article makes part of a series of 20 articles. The subject of this series is the creation and promotion of a website as a cost-effective method to establish a profitable home based business on the Internet.
In my previous article,Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet - Part 13 Articles “Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet – Part 12 – Start building your link popularity – Your tools”, I have presented and analyzed the tools that you will have to use while building your link popularity.
In this article I will present you the method to find the right websites to exchange links with.
Search for the right partners
Here start the second phase of your work. You begin to build your link popularity.
Let us assume that the theme of your website is “home based business” and the keyword of your home page is “home based business opportunity”.
The best way to start is to go to Google’s Search Box and insert your keyword, “home based business opportunity”. Google will present you with its listing. Each page of the listing contains 10 results, 10 web pages. You will go to page No 10 and will start from the last website listed in it. You will visit this website, take a note of its URL, its Pagerank and its theme and you will examine if there is a page regarding exchanging links. If there is such a page, you will search for the reciprocal links procedure this website utilizes, if any. Then you will open your web page where you place the links about “home based business opportunities” or “home based business resources” and you will insert a link to the homepage of this website. You will use the URL, description and linking text that its webmaster indicates in his relative page. You will save the changes to your web page and upload it to your website on the Internet. Then you will communicate with this webmaster using the procedure he indicates (by email or by form). If he incorporates a form for you to insert the linking information of your home page, then you will use this form and insert there the URL of your home page, the title (linking text) and the description of it. If he desires to receive an email from you, then you will send an email with your name, the domain name of your website and the phrase “Reciprocal Link Exchange Request” as its subject. As content I suggest you use the text below, unless otherwise it is requested by that webmaster:
------------------------ Content of the reciprocal link request --------------------------
My name is Tasos Vasilopoulos from
I recently visited your site and wondered whether you might be interested in exchanging a reciprocal link with my site.
I have already placed a link to your website in my links page at:
If interested, please respond with a reciprocal link to my website.

Here is my linking information:
Linking Text: "Home Based Business Opportunity on the Internet."
Website URL:
Description: "Build a profitable business completely on the Internet from the comfort of your own home office - Earn income globally, 24 hours a day!"

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Tasos Vasilopoulos
If you cannot find a page regarding the link exchange procedure, then maybe this webmaster does not accept requests for reciprocal links. Maybe he is promoting his website otherwise, by purchasing links for example. Or he may have other websites that link to this website, but these links are not reciprocated. In that case, observe if he has links in his home page under a section named “partners” or “link partners” or “cooperators”. Then, visit one of these websites listed in this section and observe if it also has a section of this kind in its home page. Then probably this webmaster exchanges only “front page reciprocal links”, an advanced method of link exchange that we will discuss in the next article.
You may need half an hour or even more to find out how to request a reciprocal link, set it up in your pages and send the email.
Prepare to receive answers from half of the websites you requested a link exchange.
You will send them the same email one week after and then another one after another week. If they do not answer, you will communicate with them after a month. Be patient, be persistent. They will answer.
Remember always to be polite. Many webmasters are not professionals and make changes to their websites once a week or even every 15 days. Other webmasters receive many link exchange requests and need time to respond. Have patience. Keep a note about the status of each exchange request and move on.
Here is an example of a second request for a reciprocal link:
Dear webmaster,

I emailed you (or completed your link exchange form) a week ago after following your link exchange instructions on your website: (write the name of his website here)

As yet, I have not heard from you and I noticed that you have not yet linked back to my site. I appreciate that you must be busy, but I would be very grateful if you could add my link to your site.

I have already linked to your site at:
I also have provided below all the information you need to be included in your links directory.

Linking Text: "Home Based Business Opportunity on the Internet."
Website URL:
Description: "Build a profitable business completely on the Internet from the comfort of your own home office - Earn income globally, 24 hours a day!"

I will be waiting for your answer.
Thank you
Tasos Vasilopoulos
This way you will keep requesting link exchanges with every website from the 10th page of the listing of Google until the 4th page. There you will stop.
And you will do the same for the listing of Google for the keyword “home based business resource”. The same you will do with “home based business opportunities” and “home based business resources”. They are more than 200 links to request and you will need more than 150 hours of work. If you work 3 hours a day, you will need 50 days, or about 2 months. Which is exactly the time needed by Google to find and rank your website from the reciprocal links.
At this point your web site will be ranked from Google and each one of your pages will receive a Pagerank. If you have worked hard, then your home page will also appear in the listing of the Search Engines. They usually need 2-3 months to find and examine a new website.
Now you are ready to reach the websites in the first 3 pages for the keywords previously mentioned. Nicely and manually request a reciprocal link exchange from each one of them. They will notice the LP of your website and your Pagerank and they will respond to your request. These reciprocal links will help your website to climb to the top for your keyword faster.
Also, since your website will appear in the listings of the Search Engines, you will start receiving requests for reciprocal link exchanging from other websites. Examine the Page Rank, theme and content of each one. If the page where these webmaster offer to put your link has a Page Rank, has less than 50-60 other links and the theme of the website is similar to your website, then accept his proposal and reciprocate the link. Otherwise, if the page where he intends to put your link does not have a Page Rank or has many links, examine his website and see if you can find a better web page in it. Then propose to him to move your link to that webpage if he wants you to reciprocate his link. If this is not possible, then send him an answer indicating politely the reasons that you do not want to exchange links with him for the time being. Suggest him, politely again, to communicate with you again in the future, in case there are changes in the structure of his website and he can offer you a better deal.
Time to work – Become persistent – Never stop building your link popularity
There is one little secret with link popularity: You can only build it step by step and you must never stop working with it. Do not rush. Dedicate a little time to explore each website and find the right web pages to link with or the correct link exchange procedure to follow. You may start from a request to a regular link exchange. Or you may ask for a FPLE. Or you can even request an exchange between a web page of this website, other than the home page, and one of your equally important web pages (I call this Second Page Link Exchange – SPLE).
I suggest that you keep record to each website you link with. Write down the name and email address of the webmaster, store the emails you have exchanged, write the URL of the web page where the link to your web page was placed and the rank of this web page and the home page of this website. Finally note the type of the link, regular, FPLE or SPLE.
Spend an hour every day to request two new links and process the link exchange request you have received from other websites. And never, never stop building your link popularity. Your target must be the top, the first position of the Search Engines. It takes time, requires patience, demands persistence, but, it brings success! It is your way to success. The decision is yours.
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About the author:
Tasos Vasilopoulos is a successful Network Marketer on the Internet as Group Leader of SFI Marketing Group. His main method to promote his home business on the Internet is websites properly optimized to obtain a good rank in the listings of the major Search Engines.
Get his ebook with an in depth analysis of all the steps of his method and find more resources on proper domain registration, effective website design and search engines optimization in his website at
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