Benefits and Types of Valance Sheets

Jul 11


Lily Alvin

Lily Alvin

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Most of the people are unaware of the valance sheets, which is why they do not know the benefits of having these sheets in their bedroom. They are often underrated but in most of the hotels, they are still used as they are very practical.


What are valance sheets?

Before the benefits of having these sheets are explained to people it is important to know what these sheets are. They are often referred to as the bed skirts or the dust ruffles. They cover the bottom of the bed.

Why use valance sheets?

These are complete skirts of the bed so there is no gap present between the mattress and the floor. This can helpful in keeping most of the dust from accumulating under the bed. Because of their ability of preventing the dust from going under the bed they are known as the dust ruffles. This can really save your time and energy,Benefits and Types of Valance Sheets Articles as you do not have to clean under the bed every day. Beds are not very light and not easy to move so if there is no dust under the bed you do not have to clean it every day. You can just limit the cleaning of the space under the bed to once a month. The cheap valance sheets can easily be removed and washed to get rid of the dust and that is why most of the hotel rooms prefer to use these sheets.

Another advantage of using these sheets is that it makes it easier for you to store some of the stuff under the bed. It will not look bad as the valance sheets will hide it from the view. These sheets can help you in utilizing the space under the bed without making the place look ugly.

These sheets can also make it very easy to give a new look to the room. When you want to give a new and fresh look to the room, all you will have to do is to modify your sheets and your room will have new and fresh look.

Types of valance sheets:

There are several different types of valance sheets available in the market. The design that you choose will have a lot of effect on the look of the whole bedroom.

These sheets can be divided in to two main categories: fitted valances and the platform valances.

Fitted valances:

They are just like the fitted sheets and the skirt part of the sheet hangs loosely beneath the bed. They are very good at being held securely. You can choose the size according to the mattress that you are using. They are easy to clean as they can be removed easily and washed in the machine just like the other bed linens.

Platform valances:

The skirt part of the platform valances extends directly from the flat sheet and it is draped all over the support surface of the bed. One of the benefits of having these sheets is that they do not need to be laundered as often as the fitted sheets. In order to clean them you can easily vacuum these sheets.

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