Companies for Secret Shoppers

Jun 11


Joseph Then

Joseph Then

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There are more than 400 mystery shopping companies in the world. They all work for different clients. Some work for hotels, while others work for banks. A mystery shopper should know about the company well before registering with it. This would make it easy for him or her to choose the right kind of job that interests him or her. Some of the big and small mystery shopping companies are listed and described below:


Service Intelligence
It is one of the biggest mystery shopping companies that provide the list of shops,Companies for Secret Shoppers Articles anytime. Its website is very user-friendly and makes the search for job a smooth process. The shoppers get to assign themselves shops of their own choice. It allows the shoppers to submit the report online. It frequently hikes the rate of payment for complex jobs.

A&A Merchandising Ltd
It works for retail shops, agencies and corporates. Packaged goods, veterinery products, and financial institutions are some of the things its shoppers deal with. It provides employment in countries like Canada, USA and Australia.

Sensors Quality Management Inc (SQM)
It employs mystery shoppers in about 18 countries. Its main clients are airlines, hotels, restaurants, retailers and banks.

Cirrus Marketing Consultants
It uses online service system called Sassie to provide aid to companies through mystery shopping. The entire process of searching for jobs and submitting the report is completely Internet based. It is a mystery shoppers' delight because it can assign jobs to them conveniently.

Mercantile Systems
It provides mystery shopping services to independent restaurants. It has helped many big and small restaurants, improve their services. It has also helped a brewery increase its sales by 18%, in just two months.

Ellis Property Management Services (EPMS)
It is a great company for all those shoppers who are interested in working for apartments. One can get thousands of mystery shops over here. Hand written reports are to be faxed by the shoppers at the end of the assignment. Sometimes it gets tedious for the shoppers as they are required to fill long specific forms for each apartment. It provides tremendous customer service.

Its mystery shops are mainly for the hospitality industry. It provides its services in Canada, USA and Puerto Rico.

Certified Reports Inc
Its area of specialization are theatre evaluation and marketing research. Almost 17,000 auditors work for it. It is based in United States and Canada.

It works for retailers and has a good reporting system. It provides Internet based facility of assigning shops, reporting etc to the mystery shoppers. Unlike other companies it provides an option of fixing the date for the shop which can be changed if required.

Restaurant Evaluators Inc
It is a Mexico based mystery shopping company that provides help to restaurants, hotels and caterers.

Secret Shopnet - Service Intelligence
It provides mystery shopping programs to fast food joints, transportation shops and retail shops in Canada and USA.

It employs mystery shoppers to visit movie theaters to collect box office reports and reviews about the movies. It is based in USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

These mystery shopping companies discussed above give an idea about the types of services provided by the companies on the whole. These companies are useful not only for the mystery shoppers but for the businessmen too. Ultimately the businessmen are the ones who seek their services to evaluate the performance of their employees and increase their sales. Store cleanliness and customer services can also be checked through mystery shopping. Do your homework well before hiring these companies as there are many that provide special features like letting you compare your store with other stores and other such facilities.