Craigslist Marketing - Easy Steps How To Prevent Your Ads Of Getting Ghosted

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Do you ads are getting ghosted all the time?? Find PROVEN solutions that will immediately improve your ads 'stickness'. These steps will establish you as an absolute master in craigslist marketing.

Lately Craigslist implemented a new system that is giving penalties to these ads that don't pass through restricted site rules. Many posters have now a hard time to post any ads on this site because of ad ghosting. Ghosting is a new term created by marketers when your ad seems to be accepted by Craigslist but in fact CL "trick" us because ad doesn't show in city listing. Before most common penalty was flagging,Guest Posting right now it's ghosting.

Perhaps you wonder how to prevent your ads of getting ghosted?

Make sure to don't overuse your site domain over and over again, if you are using image ads try to use most common hosting sites that other people are using right now. Also using links in your ads can cause ghosting, it's safer to use just image ads with link in picture. Although it can vary for section you are posting to and city.

If you are multi posting to many cities remember to change your IP. It's really a key to success on Craigslist. You will have to use dial up connection or internet connection with dynamic IP. Ask your provider if your connection is offering this service. If no you can always try to use some public proxies but from my experience it will be quite hard to find any good ones.

Another good way to prevent your ads of getting ghosted is to don't use any specific name of program, business you are promoting because it's quite possible that Craigslist have this name in "ban list". "Ban list" means that CL don't like some words and phrases and if will find any of those in your ad you will be immediately ghosted. Also remember to make your advertise body related to category you are posting to. It can decrease remarkably amount of your ghosted ads.

From the beginning of 2008 posting on Craigslist happens to be much tougher than it was ever before. But still with little testing and experiencing you will find that there are just a few basic rules you will have to be aware of before posting any ad on Craigslist. It's not really that hard, just be patient and test, test and test.

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