GeneWize Pioneering Technologies for Over a Decade

Aug 18


Matthew Willis

Matthew Willis

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Finally there is a company that is comprising quality supplements to the general public at an affordable price. They have studies effects of DNA for years and have come up with a individualized solution for you to ensure optimal health.


GeneWize is comprised of a world class scientific group. This group is comprised of leading scientists and researchers in the fields of biotechnology,GeneWize Pioneering Technologies for Over a Decade Articles genomics, molecular biology, chemistry, medicine, clinical laboratory medicine ad nutritional sciences. In fact, they have been pioneering technologies for over a decade.

In May 2007, GeneWize's parent company was granted a US Patent for “Kits and Methods of Assessing Skin Health”. This was the third granted to GeneLink in a group of applications filed in the US and abroad. They were the first and only company to be granted a patent for therapeutic skin health regimen linked to DNA based skin health assessment.

Tens of thousands of people have used their products since they have been widely available to health care professionals to use in their practices since 2004. They are expanding their product line to include health and nutritional supplements. They conduct a comprehensive DNA assessment to offer personalized supplements direct to the consumer.

They conduct the following assessments to ensure the most beneficial blend of ingredients to each individual consumer: Oxidative Stress Assessment, Comprehensive Cardio Assessment, Lipid Metabolism Assessment, Bone Density Assessment, Healthy Aging Assessment, Nutragenetic Assessment, CoQ10 Efficiency Assessment, Skin Health Assessment, Dermagenetics Customized Skin Care System, Nutragenetics Customized Nutritional Supplement System, and DNA Collection System.

GeneWize is fully evolving into the company that is dedicated to building the healthiest families on Earth. Their mission statement is is to help people achieve their best possible health futures; and help them look better, feel better and live longer, healthier lives. They offer an affordable product for all and you can become part of the largest health revolution this decade by seeing what it is they have to offer.