Direct Selling Business Bookings

Feb 1


Deb Bixler

Deb Bixler

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Is your team having a solid year round business? If your direct selling business organization is not booking shows year round then chances are they are sabotaging their own success.  Learn how to teach booking strategies so that your team has a full calendar.

Coach Your Direct Selling Team To Book A Year Round BusinessYour Sales Organization,Direct Selling Business Bookings Articles Sales Team, Organization Can date Shows All YearMany representatives in direct selling business believe  that scheduling their business consistently year round is impossible.  Most consultants in direct sales accept as true that bookings will be slow in December, January or even the Summer.  If you and your team accept as truethat Summer or January or any month for that matter is the worst time of the year to have a show or an event, then you are correct.  If you believe  that these times are the most excellent time of the year to have a show or be in business, then you are right again. You can set your attitude to make those exact months be the busiest months of the year if you choose to.  You can also train your sales team to schedule a year-round business. These thoughts or belief systems get passed down to your team and actually make the problem worse.  You can book a year-round business by changing your belief system or that of your team.  Get going on taking actions all year to change this and begin to fill the calendar equally in every all year.Book A Year Round Direct Selling BusinessFilling your show calendar with bookings for a consistent year-round business is what makes a successful business.  Understanding why each month is the finest month of the year to share our business or to be in business is important.  You can create a flier or hand out for your team that will help them to be aware why each month is the best month to be in business. Your training and hand out should focus on the next three months.  Next month is the PERFECT month to do business with Fantastic Company because….. The following month a an AMAZING month to start a business because………. The month after is a AMAZING time to have an event with Fantastic Company because…. Use the sheet at every meeting as a quick training.December is the best month to participate with Fantastic Company because everyone loves new catalogs and that is the season debut.July is the best month to share our business with Fantastic Company because it is the last chance for teachers to get together before Summer vacation.May is the best month to host a show with Fantastic Company because we have a special bridal event and I would love to do your bridal shower.May is the finest month to hold an event with Fantastic Company because the tailgate party is a perfect way to enjoy the kids sports and socialize with friends.and so on…Bookings Are Everywhere!Keeping your team focused on why each month is the most excellent month will be the first step in booking a year round business.  In addition there are many direct selling booking strategies that a leader could use to train the team how to fill the calendar.  Here are a few bonus ideas that will get you to start thinking outside-the-box:Your neighboring bank may have a "featured small business owner" table.  Will you fill your calendar at the bank? No!  Will you find a good customer? Maybe!  Will that patron lead to increased business? Absolutely!Fairs and expos are a important place to look for shows.  You can set up a table as a vendor or you can even get leads by going as guest.Offer your services as a speaker for clubs.  Don't say you are not a public speaker because if you are in party plan or direct sales you ARE a speaker.  Give it a try!Present a show or educational workshop at a school, church, team sports organization, Girl Scout group or library.These are just a few booking practices that will assist you in teaching your team on how to find bookings everywhere.  You or your team can use them any month of the year to fill the calendar.  Begin now because what you do today will affect your sales team income most 3 months into the future.

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