Going against herd mentality

Jun 2


Jonathan Bejba

Jonathan Bejba

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If you desire to be successful in life you have to think outside the herd mentality. The herd are going to 'try' and keep you where you are. Break free.

On the road to success your going to encounter people that are not going to have the same view as you,Going against herd mentality Articles there gong to 'try' and bring you down.

You have to find a way to not pay attention to these people, as they are not helping you reach your desires.

" If it isn't positive I didn't hear it. You do that, fights are easy" ~ George Foremen

Here's the thing, people that are unconscious don't realize they are. They've been taught a certain type of way, and they think that's the way it is. Yet do you see them with their dreams at hand? They do not think that it is possible or they deserve it, and will 'try' and tell you the same thing.

You have to know, that there is a way, have faith, know it will come. Focus on your desires, and go after them. Surround yourself with the right people, do you what you must do, and see yourself grow everyday.

Do not give up, because it gets a little tough. Continue and know something great will come from this. See your going after a goal that a lot f people don't believe is possible because of bad programing.

Your there to re-write your history and separate yourself from the herd, you're a different bread. One that is going after there goal, and not letting something stand in there way.

We are programed with a lot of bad thoughts that we think are normal that are preventing are success. The more you know this and separate yourself from the herd, you start to live life by your terms and freedom.

Placing yourself with like minded people will make you see a great change in your life. I'm seeing amazing things happening with me, everyday I involve myself with this program.

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I'm glad I joined, as I am seeing myself grow into a successful mindset, everyday my vision becomes clearer, and am grateful to see a clearer path to success. I'm happier with everyday that pass's, and just caught what ever the successful people have, and being able to apply it in my everyday life.

My relationships are different, I've gained a different level of confidence. I'm growing everyday and not letting negative thought influence me, as I see there unconsciousness. I'm grateful to have this program, as they share their wisdom.

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