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Prices of almost anything nowadays are surging astronomically. It is getting hard to sustain a comfortable lifestyle with only one parent working full time. Thus, a lot of mothers are now also working as hard, if not harder, to help make ends meet.

It is getting hard to sustain a comfortable lifestyle with only one parent working full time. Thus,Guest Posting a lot of mothers are now also working as hard, if not harder, to help make ends meet.

However, the world is also becoming more dangerous to live in. You can read in newspapers and see and hear on TV and radios about dangers that many children and young people are exposed to. Serial killers, murderers, rapists, drug pushers, etc are lurking in every part of our country. Thus, many parents, whether moms or dads, are dying to establish businesses in the comforts of their homes, to have more time in ensuring their children's safety.

One thing preventing many parents from quitting their jobs is the lack of home business idea. Many are clueless as to what home-based business to set up.

Here are some great ideas that could help you determine what home-based business to open up:

Beauty and fitness

The business that you are going to set up, no matter how small, should be related to the thing you love and enjoy. There is no sense in investing your time to something that you do not trust or enjoy. Therefore, if you are a person who loves to take care of your body and looks, you may want to consider creating a home business related to physical fitness and beauty.

Becoming a fitness instructor, professional trainer or one-on-one martial arts instructor is ideal for people who have devoted their time in studying martial arts and physical fitness. If you, however, are into homeopathy and organic food, you can probably be a wellness coach, a massage therapist, or a nutritional consultant.

If you are into beauty, you can sell make up and other beauty products. You can also set up a spa, or a small beauty parlor. Instead of opening a shop, you can just provide home service, such as facials, hair removal services, or foot reflex. Just make sure, however, that you enroll in seminars or classes that could help enhance your knowledge of beauty.

Data and information

For people who have flair for writing, there are endless possibilities to earn money from home. You can provide ghostwriting services for people who want to author a book but doesn't know how to write.

Editing, proofreading, indexing, abstracting are also options that are available for writers. Check the Internet for companies that are looking for people who could write press releases, technical pieces, manual developing and advertising campaign materials.

Translation services are also good home-based work.  If you have a good knowledge of a second language, you could probably translate documents, websites, news clippings or even annual reports.

Many companies are outsourcing transcription, data encoding and book keeping jobs. You can always find companies, clinics and small businesses that will be interested in securing such services from you.

Food and catering

People who love food usually are good cooks. So, if you love to eat and cook, you might want to capitalize on that passion. You can start by catering parties of you friends and family. Some sell cookies, cakes and other chocolate goodies in bazaars and church or community fairs.


Buy and sell is one of the most profitable home-based businesses. With the popularity of online auction shops, you don't need to maintain a shop or a warehouse anymore. Furthermore, you can sell almost anything. Remember that a person's trash can be another person's treasure.

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