How Can You Sanitize Your Couch?

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We people do a lot of activities sitting over our couch and it is important to keep it sanitized and fresh every time. Hiring couch cleaning experts repeatedly is not possible so in the article below are provided methods to sanitize the couch.

Your couch goes through a lot of wear and tear and still always stays ready for your pets and kids. Your couch is exposed to a lot of dust,Guest Posting debris, dirt, and other things which makes it unhygienic. You might be cleaning your sofa from its surface by regularly vacuuming. But the bacteria and harmful germs still live there and can cause more damage than dust and dirt. You need to sanitize your couch after every upholstery cleaning. 

Steps For Deep Couch Cleaning

Couches are made up of different materials and are present in different shapes, even some have washable and removable cushions. Linen couch or a cotton blend couch can be easily cleaned with the help of natural ingredients.  Use a towel or soft-bristled brush to clean the couch and remove any dried spill or spot. But do not use a sponge or dye cloth, because it can leave color spots on the couch.

Deep Clean Your Couch

You can use baking soda for deep cleaning your couch as it is the most important cleaning agent in the house.  It is not only used in the kitchen but you can also sprinkle it to remove any odor and stain from your upholstery, it also helps you to sanitize the couch fabrics. After sprinkling leaves it for about 30 minutes to allow the baking soda to settle into the fabric and absorb false odor from upholstery. It will also break down the sofa stains, after time vacuum the whole surface thoroughly by installing brush as an attachment.

Cleaning Your Couch With A Solution

You can sanitize your couch using a cleaning solution for couch cleaning. You can either buy a cleaning solution from any local store or can make one at home by yourself. You can make a cleaning solution at your own with the help of water, baking soda, dishwashing soap, and white vinegar. But before using any cleaning agent on the couch you need to do a fiber test on the hidden area of the couch to see if there is any side effect of the cleaning agent. Use the solution on a very small spot on the couch so that no one can see the difference. If it results in discoloration of the sofa fabrics then do not use it. And if there is no side effect then you can go ahead for cleaning, dap soft cloth in the solution and wipe the surface. Just make sure that you are not using any dye cloth, you can use a white towel. After every wipe, you can see that dirt gets fused to the cloth. After wiping is done you can dry your couch in the open air or just turn the fan on.

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