Experts Tips For Packing And Moving Your Wine Bottles

Apr 7


Riley Evans

Riley Evans

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Wine bottles require special handling and storage when relocating. Their delicate character and chemistry can be affected while moving process, temperature and exposure to light rays. Folow Tips For Packing And Moving Your Wine Bottles.


Handle with care; it's fragile. Yes,Experts Tips For Packing And Moving Your Wine Bottles Articles right, here is something that needs proper attention and care while moving, and here it is 'Wine'.

We all face such situations at least once when there is a need to transport the wine bottle from one location to another. It becomes a dilemma for every wine lover how they can safely move them without any damage. Everyone gets afraid of losing their precious wine just because they are not left with sufficient time to pack the bottles safely.

Sometimes users buy some special boxes that are specially designed for packing wine boxes, but they are not budget-friendly options for everyone and are also difficult to find.

But worry not, we are here to reveal the best and tried secret for packing the wine bottles. So what are you waiting for? Let us start.


  • Check The Wine Collection

Firstly there is a need to check the assortment value. For this, you can contact any of the liquid appraisers to provide you with the value of your collection. By knowing the value of your wine bottles, you can plan your move accordingly, whether you require professionals or not.


  • Go Through The State Laws

It is most important to check the law of the state where you need to move. There may be some restrictions on the transportation of alcohol. You need to check the import laws of the state regarding restrictions and other procedures to stay away from unpleasant surprises while crossing the border. Thus you should keep information about this prior to your moving. 


  • Take a picture of Your Collection.

It is good practice to prepare the inventory list. You should take pictures of your wine bottles whether you are hiring professionals or moving ownself. If any damage or loss of bottles happens then, you can easily calculate the value of how much loss has occurred. Also, pictures are the best evidence if you want to claim your belonging. Make sure to take proper pictures of your wine collection and prepare an accurate file of the same.


  • Check The Temperature

Other than getting broken, there is one more unique problem related to wine relocation, i.e. of temperature. If the outside temperature is not favourable for wine bottles, then the flavour of the wine will change. Thus, if you do not have a temp control vehicle and the collection of wines is your priority, you should try to move during the favourable season.


  • Pack Bottles Perfectly

You need to pack each of the bottles with complete perfection so that you don't feel sorry after seeing the damaged bottle at your new home. If you are packing by yourself, you can visit your nearby liquor store and ask for the sturdy boxes with Styrofoam cell dividers that are good for placing the bottles while in transit. You can follow some Fragile Item Removal Tips to pack and move such fragile items.


  • Label The Packed Boxes

After completing the packing process, you need to label the box as “Fragile and Keep Up This Side’ so that others can also handle this with utmost care. Most people ignore this, but it has a good role in protecting your bottles from unnecessary damage.


Packing and moving expensive wine bottles deserve skill and right handling. We have described some of the easier ways by which you can pack your wine bottles and secure them during transit. However, the best way is to hire the removals of Bright Removalists Adelaide to experience stress-free relocation. We use the best packing materials to pack the belongings and deliver them in the best condition to your new address. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us by giving us a ring at 1800 957 849.  


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