How to choose the Best Cooling Pillow

Apr 16


jammy Haris

jammy Haris

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There are many cooling pillows on the market. In this article, you can easily choose a best cooling pillow for yourself.


There are individuals,How to choose the Best Cooling Pillow Articles who feels tired when they wake up and its like they did not have a good sleep because something made them feel uncomfortable during the night. This has nothing to do with sleeping on the wrong side of the bed, but many of you have not considered the fact that this is also because of your pillow. Some of you may find it odd why you have to be choosy with the pillows, but the truth is, many individuals find discomfort in sleeping because they are not using a cooling pillow or chillow.

Actually, some of you are using pillows that absorb heat from your body and with the wrong choice of pillows, you can't sleep well and may even experience headaches or waking up with a heavy head. However, you can avoid such discomforts, if you can learn how to choose the best cooling pillow for hot sleepers. It is true that you may even sleep in an air-conditioned room, but you may still release heat, since you are alive. I guess, your only option is to purchase and use a cooling pillow to help you feel at ease and wake up in a good mood.

To do this, there are things that you need to consider. A cooling pillow is not the same like any other ordinary pillows. This has the capability to absorb heat with the ability to cool down. Therefore, it helps you maintain a comfortable  sleep. Anyway, there are a few things that must be considered well. This includes the loft and wellness, filling and the cooling materials used.

Loftness and Firmness

Basically, you have to check on the loftness and firmness of the pillow. A thinner pillow is breathable, while firmer one is denser, which traps heat. These are just some details that you need to understand. Aside from that, you also need to keep a healthy sleeping posture because your position requires a particular loftness and firmness of the pillow.

For the Side sleepers, you should use a high level of loftness that comes with a firmer pillow, but this trap heat. Therefore, a side sleeper must look for materials that are shredded or ventilated for breathability.

While those who sleep on their stomach needs a low level of loftness and a soft pillow to maintain the natural alignment of the head with their spine. This is actually less warm and dense. If you are a Back sleeper, you just need a medium level of loftness and firmness.

Internal Fill

You should also consider the internal fill. You actually have many options to choose from, but we just need the most important ones. This includes the memory foam, latex and down and down alternative. The foam that you will choose should be based and tailored for your personal needs and comfort.

The Memory foam used as an internal fill is known to have a good reputation when it comes to trapping heat. Aside from that, it provides a contouring support and gives a moldable feeling as well. But when this filler in infused with other materials like graphite as well as copper, it can help in drawing heat off your body and make the foam cooler.

A memory foam is a good option, but Latex as an internal filler, is better when it comes to breathable feature, which makes is a favor to hot sleepers. Keep in mind that Latex makes use of material that is all natural. It has a bouncy or spring-like feature, which is an ideal pillow when there is pressure.

Lastly, we have the real down and the down-alternatives, which are both made of a material that comes with a breathable feature. But, a real down as an internal fill is very insulating and it cannot work well with hot sleepers. However, to keep the fluffy feeling of the real down, while trapping less heat, I guess, you should choose the down-alternatives. By the way, the Down-alternatives are designed, using synthetic materials, so it traps less heat than the real down internal fill.

Cooling Materials

Actually, whether you are a hot sleeper or not, it is very important to keep one's body comfortable because it can help you fall asleep faster. You have to regulate your body temperature, too. You may get help by using a cooling material.

One thing that you can do is to look for a PCM or a Phase Change Material. This is a material that is designed to provide your skin a cooling touch. It is a natural way of keeping night sweats off. 

And then, you may also use cooling gel pads, which also helps in dissipating heat from the body, though it provides less cooling touch, if compared to a PCM. Actually, cooling gel pads are also used in pillows with a memory foam fill to minimize the warming. This is removable, anyway, so you may or may not insert it.