How To Work With Free Traffic Generators

May 10


Dan J. Fry

Dan J. Fry

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Free ... Wow! That just sends goose bumps down my spine!We are all looking for free web site traffic. Search engines arethe best sources but you must ... optimize for ... There


Free traffic?!! Wow! That just sends goose bumps down my spine!

We are all looking for free web site traffic. Search engines are
the best sources but you must constantly optimize for top
indexing. There are however other sources of free traffic. Making
good use of them takes a bit of patience and care.

One of growing popularity,How To Work With Free Traffic Generators Articles traffic exchanges supply visitors to
your site in exchange for traffic which you deliver to the
network of sites. These systems allow you to accumulate credits
which are then converted in to a predetermined number of viewings
of your site either in the form of a link or an actual web page.
The following lists some of the most popular systems.

(1) Traffic Exchanges - TrafficSwarm is owned by SixDegrees
Media in Sausalito, California, and driven in large part by CEO
Wayne Van Dyck, an ex-Wall Street Investment Banker. It is by
and far the most well-run and beneficial traffic exchange that I
have found to date. You can check it out at .

Traffic exchanges work by crediting per the amount of traffic
you bring to other sites on the network. This can be through
your own surfing, referral traffic, or even by purchasing site
visits. Most exchanges offer free and paid memberships, with
paid members of course obtaining more perks and potentially more
targeted traffic.

(2) Banner Exchanges - Banners are known not to have the largest
click through rates but can still be of benefit. They typically
make use of a 2:1 or lower visibility ratio, meaning that for
every 2 times someone views a banner on your site, 1 view of
your banner will be shown elsewhere on the network.

The most important aspect is to make your banner highly targeted
and not general. Moreover, make sure the exchange program will
target your banner topic to sites that attract visitors within
your target market. Otherwise your efforts will not prove
fruitful. You may have traffic but not from people interested in
what you offer. Banners GoMLM is one of the more popular
exchanges. I personally use
and have had modest success.

(3) Reciprocal Linking - Trading links with other web masters
can generate traffic from both the individual site and through
better search engine ranking. The later takes time and cannot be
rushed. The SE has to crawl a site in order to locate the
reciprocal link before the index is updated.

Above all else, you must be diligent, patient, and track what
methods work. You must put in the time and care to learn about
and tailor them to your particular purpose. If you prefer to dish
out the bucks for traffic there are numerous fee-based systems.
Pay-per-click is the most popular and can deliver highly targeted
visits to your site. Although, whether you benefit or not from
the visit, your money is already spent.