Ignoring the Rejection Rocket

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I love to read,Guest Posting and I love to write as well. I would also like to share my two cents on a book that I am presently reading. I would like to share with you my feelings if you will this week as I explore the book “Your First Year in Network Marketing” by Mark Yarnell and his wife Rene Yarnell.

Now I just started to read this book, but from the start of it, this book is right on time and I would recommend EVERY network marketer go out and check this book out and suggest the same for your downline. The book gives tons of situations and examples that will give a new network marketer insight on how to handle situations. They even have a summary at the close of each chapter just to let the reader know what you should have learned, and if you didn’t, read this and learn it.

Chapter One is titled: Ignoring the Rejection Rocket. Oh I can not tell you how many more people I would have in my team, or still have on my team if rejection was not such a big, big deal. People generally wear their heart on their sleeves. Its not a bad thing actually but it does set one up who is in network marketing to get their feelings hurt. And they shouldn’t really, but its something that has to be taught. When a new network marketer goes through the motions of approaching a friend, or even a stranger and get shut down it can do damage to their soul and self esteem. This chapter talks about how rejection is your ally, not your adversary, and if your prospect was approached properly they will only reject your offer if the timing is not right, in which case you try them back in 6months time. The chapter goes into discussing that the people are not rejecting you, they are rejecting the offer. People take someone saying “No!” personally and its really not about them at all.

Me, I’d rather a person tell me “No!” straight out and upfront without me having to give a whole bunch of information that will lead up to a no. When I hear No, I rejoice, because I know that that No, is leading up the a Yes! People in network marketing need to realize that its a numbers game. My mentor told me once that as you grow as a marketer, your Average of Numbers will increase. So, say your first time going out in the field if you will with network marketing, you may talk to ten people today and no one be interested. A little discouraging, but if you increase your numbers, you can see how you can improve.  If the next day you speak and talk with 20 people, and you get one person interested, now you have something to work with. You are now batting with 5%.  :)  So even if you are not motivated do more, you at least know that if you speak with 20 people, you will get one. That’s valuable information, and better than speaking with 10 and get none. So the following day you may decide to try and improve your percentage and speak to 20people, and get 2. Then you’ll be at 10%. But its all a numbers game. The more people you speak with, the more sales or folks you will likely have to join your business. So, what I do is rejoice when I got that No! cuz I knew for instance that that was just one of the other 19 who’d be disinterested, but I know a Yes! is right around the corner. And I press on, with a positive attitude and not let that No break my spirit because you will carry that with you onto the next person you meet and it may impact that next person and their answer.

The chapter also goes into how important it is that when you are new into network marketing to not try and be an expert on the business and half share what you think you know to your wife, friends and family. No matter how much you know, its always going to sound better from another person’s mouth, so its important NOT to share what you think you know, but to get your sponsor on the phone or better yet get your family, friends to a meeting and let them see the business in the same fashion it was explained and shown to you. If you mess that up, it can wreak havoc in your home, or put a strain in your personal life with friends and family.

All in all, the book speaks the truth, and this Chapter hits a home run.

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