ITV Ventures Review - Honest Money Making Opportunity Or Scam?

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Since the rise of so many other programs, ITV Ventures has been under close scrutiny of the public. You simply cannot make a blind investment as you consider your options. The purpose of this review is to help you to become more informed and aware of ITV Ventures. 

Do you realize that there are many more infomercials today as compared to 10 years ago? When you look at the television the commercials are aired in such a way to engage the viewer in their 'wants'. My goal is to help you get the logical side before investing your hard earned cash into ITV Ventures. We will go through the very basics of the ITV Ventures opportunity right down to the good and the bad. This way you know that you will be getting a full unbiased review right at your fingertips. Let's get started.The CoreThe founder and president of ITV Ventures is a charismatic man by the name of Donald Barrett.ITV Venture is the sister company of ITV a six year old debt free multimedia infomercial producer. Thereby making ITV Ventures is in fact a home based division for ITV. Just so you know,Guest Posting it is not only a multimedia company alone. They engage recognized celebrities to promote branded health and nutrition products mainly through the media. Your common health and wellness products range around 200 lines and so you are looking at a health related business opportunity with itv ventures. The GoodSince we're here, you would already be someone who probably have some interest in the health and nutrition products industry, right? If not, then you would be someone who watched ITV Ventures infomercials. What ITV Ventures have done successfully as I have observed is they maintain the network marketing concept but they combine both the Internet and television based mediums. This kind of communication would be very powerful to reach out to millions. You are at a better advantage if your target market are people who mainly watch television. You can get started from $165 to $499 in the ITV Ventures opportunity. Then, you also get your own website. Comes with a nice business presentation.The BadYou join ITV Ventures just like a network marketing business. The one thing that is weird is that your 'residual income' comes from: 1) Someone joins your team and works on their own ITV Ventures business. 2) It's still quite traditional where they rely on viewers calling the number showed during the infomercialA credibility issue is that typical network marketing even in ITV Ventures shouts the bold statement of "leaders from other traditional network marketing companies are joining us". I don't think anyone should make claims like that if their program is good enough. What Donald Barrett of ITV Ventures say this "If you can't make it in this business, you can't make it in any business". I'm sure anyone with the right mindset can work in any business.In closing, if you are a health and wellness fanatic with a desire to make big profits from 2%-8% of every dollar you sell then by all means make ITV Ventures your choice. However, if you want a better option then it is best to search for greener pastures at your own time.

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