Learn To Make Money At Home Step By Step – 3 Tips For Working With The 4 Day Money Making Blueprint

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Working with the “4 Day Money Making Blueprint” video training course is a highly convenient way of learning how to make money at home step by step.  The money making system taught in this course is based on the well-known “Bum Marketing Method” and has been produced with the blessing of Travis Sago who coined the name “Bum Marketing” for a particular method of internet affiliate marketing (ie. using only free tools and resources). 

This course is entirely video based: the Money Making Blueprint training is provided in a logical step by step manner via a series of 25 videos with a combined running time of over 15 hours.   It is an intensive study course which covers several different techniques employed in internet marketing.  Implementing these 3 simple tips will help you to complete the course in an organised fashion,Guest Posting and avoid wasting time.

Tip 1.

Grab yourself a pen and notebook before you settle down to watch the videos.  Make a note of the material covered by each video and highlight any items you think you would like to study for a second time.  It is a lot easier to refer to a note on a piece of paper than to try to remember which of 25 separate steps of the course deals with the exact thing you want to go over for a second time.

Tip 2.

Make a note of the various websites visited and online tools demonstrated as you watch each video.  In spare moments between watching the videos, visit each of the websites and bookmark them in your browser in logical groups.  You will need to sign up as a member for some of the sites (notably the article directories), and you can get this task done to save time when you actually start implementing the things the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint has taught you. 

There is a long list of useful online tools and resources provided with the video training, but it does not include every single website referred to in the videos.

Tip 3. 

Take your time.  This is a very detailed training course, and the way to get the best out of it is to tackle it in a systematic fashion and at a pace to suit you.  It is tempting to try to get through viewing all the videos in one sitting so that you can rush ahead and start putting the teaching into practice.  Trust me: if you try this, you will not be able to take in all the material in the course. 

I suggest you watch the video course over a period of three or four days and then go back and re-watch the videos pertaining to any areas you might have found particularly challenging.  If you feel you need to spread your studying over a longer time, do so – the key to success with this training is to be thorough. 

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Elaine Currie

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