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So you think you know thyself pretty well but how do you know what your personal characteristics and behavior patterns are for sure? One scientific approach to validating who you are is through Numerology,Guest Posting a proven ancient science of numbers, that can turn a name and birthdate into a blueprint or character analysis. Interested in learning more?  Read on.

Ever asked yourself, “How do I really know myself?”  If you want to know all, how you tick and how you are wired internally, stay tuned. 

Numerology is a scientific method of numbers, as precise as the computer technology we depend on in our every day lives.  Numerology explains the intricacies of how your nature was designed, what you are all about, and “how you tick.”  Understanding your “design,” you are more likely to feel confident about the choices and decisions you make as you face key transitional periods in life.  Numerology can be used to build esteem, because once you’ve had your chart and reading done, you know “all myself.”

A Numerology chart is a blueprint of who you are. Clients are always amazed at how much information can be gleaned from their charts. By the time their chart is read, the individual has a different perspective on his or her life and can now connect the dots based on clarity and insight not available prior to the reading.  This sparks a desire to make changes in his or her life. Intellectually speaking, that individual will now have a thorough understanding of how the personal blueprint affects his or her life. Having an aggressive or nonaggressive nature plays a major role in this decision-making process, amongst other qualities.

We thought it would be interesting to select a famous person known the world over and prepare his Numerology Chart, design and blueprint, to demonstrate how your character analysis becomes revealed through Numerology. We decided to illustrate Walt Disney’s Numerology chart, since his talents and dreams were materialized and have influenced countless people all over the world. 

As a child, Walt Disney was kicked out of school and told he would never amount to anything—yet he turned out to be one of the most creative, rich, and successful people in our modern world, touching the lives of millions and millions of people. What did he have in common with you? The answer is he came into this lifetime just like you did, with a unique design and blueprint, had the right to exercise free will and made choices that led to success. 

Now, we want to show you what Numerology says about this world-famous celebrity by looking at key elements of his chart.  Looking at his numbers, his characteristics are not any different from your unique set of personal characteristics.  However, the combination of “numbers” of his characteristics will be very different from your combination of numbers, since each person’s blueprint is unique to the individual’s name and birthdate, their foundational blueprint, or the birth right Destiny for that individual.

It’s probably safe to say Walt Disney started with dreams, desire, and drive, despite having a difficult time in school. However, like Walt Disney, making right choices and decisions can lead you to success despite the influences that affect your decision-making process, namely, your emotions, income, families, education etc. 

Below is a “partial” Numerology chart generated for Walt Disney based on calculating his birthdate and “stage” name as Walt Disney—not his full birthname as Walt Elias Disney since he chose to be known as Walt Disney.

Born:         Walt Elias Disney

Birthdate:  December 5, 1901

Missions in Life and their Blueprint Descriptions

*1 Destiny

Leader, pioneer, creative, independent, strong-willed, innovative, courageous, always looking to the future and moving in a forward direction, a man with vision.

*8 Soul/Heart’s Desire

Lots of energy, ambitious, materialistic but generous, successful, organized.

*7 Personality

Analytical, intelligent, reserved, perfectionist; an educator dedicated to sharing knowledge and truth.

*6 Purpose

Devoted to serving family and community as a cosmic parent, strong influence in establishing harmony and beauty in every environment.

*7 Life Goal

Educator of great wisdom and teachings, passing on intellectual and spiritual truths.



Walt Disney was a powerful man, leader and pioneer, creative, innovative, emotional, builder of structure and foundation, cosmic parent and always forged ahead in a positive direction to serve mankind.  

Discover how your Numerology Chart, your design and blueprint, affects your destiny, and gives you options for controlling changes in your life. Numerology charts and readings are valuable tools in helping you gain knowledge about various aspects and areas of your life—personal or business as we all born with a spiritual master plan—your Blueprint.

You can alter your path in life at any time by free will, choice, or by merely changing your name. The first two may seem more complicated, but in truth, they are less complicated than the third.  By legally changing your name, this action, in and of itself, will eventually introduce “different” vibrational patterns into your environment than those that grew out of the numbers of your birthname. This will most definitely bring about or attract other experiences that may be in conflict with your foundational blueprint. 

What separates successful people from non-successful people is simply that they are focused on their goals, disciplined, willing to sacrifice it all to achieve set goals and, most of all, have the ability to make right “choices” the first time, regardless of what hand gets dealt to them at any one time.

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