Making Money with Crafts

Sep 29


Julia Derby

Julia Derby

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Making money with crafts can be both fun and profitable. Find out about turning your hobby or interest into a rewarding home business.


Making money with crafts is a good way to earn income at home. There has been an increase in demand for handmade crafts as people seek out original items that are affordable but unique. Turn your passion for crafting into a successful home business and enjoy all the benefits of making money from home. Here are 10 simple steps to successfully making and selling crafts.

Select the right craft to make

Focus on establishing one or two crafts initially. Profitable crafts include handmade soaps and candles,Making Money with Crafts Articles jewelry, greeting cards and gift baskets. Once you have established your homemade craft you can expand your range.

Research the possibility of making money with crafts you have decided on

Find out whether there is sufficient demand for your craft. Check out the competition. Perhaps you need to focus on a particular niche within your craft to tap a new market. Visit local craft fairs and see what crafts are selling well. Chat to craft store owners and find out about popular crafts.

Find out about sourcing cost effective supplies

Find vendors who offer the best prices for the craft supplies you will need to make your handmade crafts. This will probably be a wholesaler or manufacturer. Using local suppliers will save you shipping costs. Research suppliers on the web to find the best options.

Organize a convenient work space

It is important that you have a comfortable and efficient work space. It does not need to be an entire separate room but it should be separated in some way from your home activities, even if you just use a room divider or screen. Most crafts require a reasonable sized work surface so make sure you have the right sized table available.

Check out what licenses you need

Check with the local Chamber of Commerce what permits and licenses you home crafts business may need.  Your city hall or county government offices will also be able to tell you what sort of licenses you need.

Work out your pricing

Proper pricing is key to profitability when making money with crafts. Set you prices according to a number of criteria including the raw materials that have gone into making your craft, your level of expertise in making the craft and the time spent creating the craft. Check out what the competition is charging by visiting local craft fairs, local stores and searching craft sites on the internet. Be competitive but do not undervalue your crafts.

Make your crafts stand out

Differentiate your crafts from all the others. You can do this by creating unique packaging or by designing an eye catching label. Make sure you brand your crafts as special.

Develop a marketing plan to sell your crafts

There are a number of potential ways to sell your crafts. Local craft fairs are a very good starting point. Find out about local craft fair listings and then do some research to find out which are the best fairs for your crafts. Local speciality and gift stores are another potential outlet for your crafts. Hosting a crafts home party is popular. Visit local businesses and offer your crafts as client gifts. Put your entrepreneurial spirit to work and you will find many possible customers for your crafts.

Keep accurate records

A profitable home crafts business means keeping proper business records. You don't need to be a bookkeeper or accountant but you do need to maintain up-to-date detailed information about your business transactions.

Be committed to your craft

A successful home crafts business is dependent on both creating the right craft and having the right attitude. There will be tough times but commitment and energy will ensure that your crafts business is a success.

Turn your inspiration into income and have fun making money with crafts.

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