Rainy Day Crafts: Get Creative With The Kids

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So it’s raining and the kids are restless.  You’re at your wits end!  What can you do?  Or you’re home alone, trying to find an activity to keep you motivated.  Rainy day crafts can not only occupy your kids for hours on end, but give you the opportunity to tap into your creative side as well.

There is no better time to engage in rainy day crafts than during a rainy,Guest Posting snowy, or bitter cold day.  One of the most popular home crafts today is scrap booking.  Watch any home shopping channel and they might have a multitude of scrap booking material on any given segment of the show.

Scrap booking can offer hours of enjoyment for both young and old alike.  Moreover, imaginative rainy day crafts such as scrap booking is perfect for finally getting those old photographs into a book and in some kind of order.  Perhaps you have photos from last Christmas that are still in your digital camera.

Well now you can create rainy day crafts by printing out the photos and placing them in your scrapbook.  You can also write a few words about the photo, or simply add the names of the people in the photo, decorate each page or each photo.

Kids that are home on a rainy day can cause tempers to flare.  Teaching your kids to create rainy day crafts is the solution.  With Easter approaching, you can help them make chicks out of construction paper to be hung on the kitchen wall.  Or you can print out blank coloring pages from websites so that your kids can color for a few hours.

Perhaps you and the kids can put together a rainy day crafts book on any topic they choose.  All you need is some construction paper, hole-puncher, yarn, and crayons. Let them use their imaginative rainy day crafts sense to engage in all sorts of projects.

Is someone’s birthday approaching?  Why not consider making Happy Birthday banners and Birthday hats?  With spring on the way, baseball season will begin.  Use crafts to create a win/loss score card for a favorite team.  Perhaps the kids can create a homerun chart for their favorite player.

Rainy day crafts can be affordable as well as fun.  Use whatever materials or fabric you have in your home.  Add some ribbon and you can begin making Easter hats with the kids.

If you live alone, the scrap booking idea can become a new hobby.  You can even make gifts for friends and family members by putting together a scrapbook of poems you’ve written.

Family time is as important today as it ever was.  With moms and dads working one or two jobs, it rarely gives them time to spend with their children.  Rainy day crafts can give every family the opportunity to have some fun together, enjoy each other’s company, and talk to each other about a specific event, or school, or friends.  Next time it rains, don’t tell it to go away but rather stay for just a day or perhaps a while longer.

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