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The delivery of shipment is always a delicate part of the contractual agreement between movers in Jacksonville FL and their clients. It is the final piece of the puzzle. Before making any move one should know their certain obligations and rights.

There are many aspects of the moving service that are not always clear for the customers. That is why movers in Jacksonville FL will explain each aspect according to their own policies as well as legal regulations. The delivery of shipment is basically the final phase of moving. It is the confirmation that your goods are have been transported safely and ultimately delivered safely to the new location. Delivery of shipment is surrounded by certain obligations and rights which local movers Jacksonville FL should inform the beneficiary upon:

  •     It is normal that the mover or the agent acting on its behalf will ask you to sign a delivery receipt.
  •     It is normal also to check the goods which are on the delivery receipt are actually the goods which have been delivered.
  •     It is also important that you do not sign a delivery receipt which releases movers in Jacksonville FL of liability.
  •     As a customer you can refuse delivery if such a statement is included in the delivery receipt. You can also strike out the respective statement and then sign it if the driver or agent agrees.
  •     Do not forget that most local movers Jacksonville FL will demand payment upon delivery.
  •     The collect-on-delivery amount will be different depending on the type of estimate you and the movers in Jacksonville FL have agreed upon.
  •     Binding or non binding estimates,Guest Posting the mover has to clearly mention the type of payment method accepted on the bill of lading, order for service as well as on the estimate.
  •     In case you have been provided with a binding estimate and you have not requested any additional charges afterwards, you should pay the exact amount in the binding estimate plus, if the case, additional charges for impracticable operations. Make sure that impracticable operations do not account for more than 15% of all other charges.
  •     In case you have requested additional services after the binding estimate was issued and signed, you have also to pay for those services.
  •     With non-binding estimates, the procedure is similar and movers in Jacksonville FL cannot collect more than 110% of the costs approximated in the non-binding estimates. Again, the same rules apply for additional services as well as charges for impracticable operations.
  •     Local movers Jacksonville FL have different policies as far as delivery in one or two trucks. The most common situation is that when all goods are transported in one truck. But there are cases when that is just not possible. Depending on the policy of each of the movers in Jacksonville FL, you may be charged as if the entire shipment was transported in one vehicle although it was divided in two or more vehicles or you may be charged for each portion of the transport separately.
  •     As much as both movers and beneficiaries wish to have a smooth moving process, there are cases when goods are destroyed or lost. If this turns out to be the fault of the mover, then you are entitled to both damages for the loss and transportation expenses as well.

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