Put Your Online Business on Autopilot!

Jan 1


Steve McClain

Steve McClain

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Put Your Online Business on Autopilot!

By Steve McClain

Internet Marketing has many advantages vs. traditional offline
marketing,Put Your Online Business on Autopilot! Articles minimizing cost is a "biggie". But the ability
automate and simplify your operations through autoresponders is
just as heavenly.

I think most Internet Business Owners would agree; your most
valuable resource is your time. Autoresponders free up your time
handling tasks automatically so you can focus on the profit
centers of your business.

A good autoresponder is like hiring a army of robots who take
care of the daily grind automatically. They work 24/7 which
allows your business to function whether your there or not. You
could be anywhere in the world and your business is making you
money 24 hours a day 365 days a year. With a laptop and a place
to plug in you will want to check how much money was deposited in
your account and answer a few emails every day and that's about
it. That's pretty much all that is required once you've set
everything up on autopilot. Who wouldn't want a job like that?

When a prospect makes a request, your autoresponder instantly
responds to that request. Your customers love it because their
requests for information are instantly supplied. It's a win win

A good quality autoresponder will allow you to personalize your
messages and provide automatic follow ups. Most marketing
experts will agree that, for the most part, it will usually take
between 5 to 7 follow up messages per sale. Once you've developed
your messages and set the delivery intervals it's a cash machine
on automatic pilot.

Your first message may instantly welcome and greet a visitor to
your site. That message would be set at 00 for example. Two days
later another message set at 02 is sent automatically perhaps
inviting them back to your site for some additional information
that may be of interest to them. Four days later another
message coded 04 goes out automatically introducing them to one
of your products, etc., etc..

A good autoresponder will also provide the ability to track the
source of that customers contact so you will know where they came
from. Helps you know your best performing forms on your web
site, or ads, articles etc. And when ever your autoresponder is
triggered you are instantly sent an email notification to further
help you track your promotions and advertisements. Tracking
tests ads will save you considerable time and money helping you
focus your exposure only where you get the best response.

For example:

Make a list of your best ad sites that you intend to post an ad
or classified ad.

Assign a number for each site on the list.

Then add a simple code to your email tag like:

Of course you enter your actual autoresponder address and for
each site change to the assigned number after the equal sign, ie.
A2, A3, A4 etc., or what ever your code is. By coding your ads
you will know exactly where your leads are coming from.

You can begin to see the possibilities. Now in many cases your
going to want to promote your autoresponder address rather than
your email address. Use it in your email signature file, your
classified ads, newsgroups, ezine articles, ezine solo ads, build
your opt-in mail list with it, guestbooks, etc. and of course put
it on your web site.

There are a number of good autoresponders (about $20 per month)
to choose from some even offer free versions. Of course with a
free anything you'll have to put up with the inevitable Ads.
Which is ok to get you started and it's free. But for your
business to be taken seriously at some point you'll want to do
away with the Ads.

http://www.getresponse.com is a great value because of all the
features included with their service. And they offer a free
version you can test drive. There are a number of others like
http://www.aweber.com. And if you would like a list of
autoresponder sources and resources, there is a pretty exhaustive
list in Autoresponder Magic which is available at:

Are you agonizing over your Autoresponder Messages?

Once you have your autoresponder in place and the mechanics out
of the way, now comes the magic - "your message or series of
messages". You can make a fortune with a good autoresponder
series. But most of us don't consider ourselves to be
exceptionally good writers. And we struggle because that's
exactly what you are, a writer, when you own an online business.

Stop struggling to write your own autoresponders. If you need
help writing compelling and powerful autoresponder messages this
new ebook is for you. Now, you can get an entire collection of
winning autoresponder sequences for you to model, copy and swipe.
(Plus you can turn around and sell this incredible resource and
keep all the money!) Autoresponder Magic is the ultimate
collection from Internet Marketings Top Guns.

Autoresponders are the easy way to capture hidden profits,
follow-up on prospects and increase your profits and save you
hours and hours - but the big problem was coming up with your own
autoresponder series - Until Now! See Autoresponder Magic at:

Steve McClain is the Webmaster of Instant Internet Empires at:
http://www.ezstepbystep.net and publisher of Enterprise Issues
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