17 features that make your autoresponder an **AUTORESPONDER** - Part 1

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If you are selling anything on the net, you are most likely using ... If you aren't, you are losing sales by the ... There are lots of good articles ... the need to use autore

If you are selling anything on the net,Guest Posting you are most likely
using autoresponders. If you aren't, you are losing sales by
the truckload. There are lots of good articles outlining the
need to use autoresponders, so we are going to focus on the
difference between autoresponders and **AUTORESPONDERS.**
This article gives you the first nine features your
**AUTORESPONDER** should include. Part 2 will give you the
remaining eight.

Autoresponders come in two flavours, autoresponder and
**AUTORESPONDER** If you only want to send information to a
prospect once you can get by with an autoresponder. These
versions are basic, no frills, get the job done, units. They
are great for archiving articles, but a bit basic for a
marketing campaign.

If you are running a marketing campaign, you need an
**AUTORESPONDER.** Multiple follow-ups are essential,
personalization is a must, and maximizing sales is the whole

When you need an **AUTORESPONDER,** shop around. Most of the
paid units also offer a FREE, basic version for you to try
and kick the tires. Most importantly, if you are paying for
an **AUTORESPONDER,** make sure you get all the bells and

1. An affiliate or partner program that allows you to make
a sideline income. If you refer a few other people, you can
cover the cost of your own responders and make a little extra
spending money on the side. It's a nice little benefit.

2. Easy to use control panel for setting up and managing
your responders. Every **AUTOREPONDER** company is different.
If the control panel is difficult to figure out and the
instructions are sparse, you risk sending out the wrong
responses, in the wrong order to the wrong people.

3. Multiple responders at an affordable price. One
**AUTORESPONDER** just won't do. Even if you are only selling
one product, you are likely running more than one campaign.
Each campaign should have its own **AUTORESPONDER**. If you
are paying over $20 per month for less than 50
**AUTORESPONDERS,** you are paying too much.

4. Unlimited follow up messages from each **AUTORESPONDER**.
This really puts your business on autopilot. You can choose to
send out follow up messages once a month, once a week, or
once a day. Remember that it takes an average of 7 impressions
before you turn a prospect into a customer.

5. Changeable send addresses. This is a very handy feature if
you have more than one online business. You can send all your
**AUTORESPONDER** messages right from the same
**AUTORESPONDER** service and use whatever company name and
address you wish.

6. Signature file. Your signature file is one of your
biggest FREE advertising spaces available. Make sure that
your signature file is automatically included with each
**AUTORESPONDER** message. Your **AUTORESPONDER** should
automatically include your signature file the same way your
email program does.

7. Filters. This feature works the same as on your email.
If you don't want to receive mail from a specific address
or addresses, simply filter them out.

8. Redirect pages. Once your **AUTORESPONDER** has been
clicked on, and your message is on route to its recipient,
you can redirect your prospect to another page of your
site, a thank you page, or a new sales page, perhaps.

9. Form generator. Having the HTML code automatically
generated for a professional form takes all the hassle
out of form creation.

And that's not all. In Part 2 of this article there are
another eight features that your **AUTORESPONDER** should
be offering you. Most of these features are only found in
paid responders, but there are good FREE ones on the
market as well. My two favourite **AUTORESPONDERS** are:

SendFree - FREE **AUTORESPONDER** with some of the bells
and whistles, http://www.sendfree.com/affref.php3?ref=39695

Automarketic - **AUTORESPONDER** with all the bells and
whistles at an affordable price,

All autoreponders/**AUTORESPONDERS** are not created
equally. The ones mentioned above, in my humble opinion,
are two of the best on the market. Take a look around an
select the one that is best for you.

Good luck with your marketing and God Bless.

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