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Some weeks ago I ... that ... were ripe for a home business ... Millions of workers have lost their jobs and are not likely to find new ... soon. Add to this a growing

Some weeks ago I speculated that conditions were ripe for a home business
resurgence. Millions of workers have lost their jobs and are not likely to
find new opportunities soon. Add to this a growing interest in staying close
to home after the September 11 attacks. Suddenly family is more important and
tall buildings are less appealing. Launching a home-based company is a
logical solution to these dual concerns.

So I called Stacy Henderson,Guest Posting editor-in-chief of Home Business Magazine, to
see if she sensed a greater interest in home businesses lately. The magazine
is owned by Stacy and her husband, Richard, who acts as publisher for the
bi-monthly publication covering the how-to and what-to of home-based
enterprises. Henderson noted there was a clear increase in inquiries about
home business. "We've noticed that people have inquired more about starting a
home-based business during the months from September to the present, in
comparison to this same time period in previous years."

She speculated that some of the interest in home business was likely due to
the events of September 11. "Neither Richard nor I have any statistics to
support this, but we personally feel the 9/11 tragedy could be a contributing
factor. It's certainly caused Richard and me to re-examine our own priorities
and to renew out commitments to our family and our responsibilities at home."

Henderson suggested that in addition to September 11, the economy itself is
motivating people to consider starting a home business. "During the nine
years of publishing Home Business Magazine, we've noticed that whenever the
economy slows down, the interest in the home business market tends to
accelerate," said Henderson. "People who have lost their jobs are seeking out
home-based business alternatives. Nearly six percent of the U.S. workforce is
now unemployed. Millions of workers are in danger of losing their jobs, and
many of them will take their first look at home-business businesses."

In addition to the motivation of employment problems and a year to be close
to home, Henderson said technology now makes it easier for people to compete
in a home-based environment. "Wireless communication, high-speed Internet
connectivity, and more powerful personal computer and office equipment have
now made home-based business owners and home office workers as competitive as
any in the economy today," said Henderson. "This increases the potential for
future home-based business growth."

During the high craziness of the dot com boom, I had some fun imagining a
changed world in which people worked from home in the midst of their
families. I observed that this was a very natural way for human being to
live, that for thousands of years people worked at home with their families,
and that perhaps technology would finally allow us to return to a more
familiar lifestyle. The act of going away to work each day, after all, was a
mere 100-year interruption from our natural state. Now it was time to get
back to the farm.

For the part five years, I have made my living from home while raising young
children. Most of the women I know, and at least half of the men, view my
situation as enviable. For me it was partly choice, partly opportunity. For
writers, working at home is not that unusual. I didn't have to give up a
bustling career to work at home. The Internet further allowed me to
participate in business journalism internationally. I remember getting out of
the shower one morning and having my five-year-old daughter tell me that
Erika called. "Erika who?" I asked.

"Erika from Sweden," she beamed. Sure enough, a source had returned my call
and had a charming conversation about Daddy in the shower.

Over the years, my picture of people returning home to work is slowly coming
true. And from my personal poll of friends, family and acquaintances, it's
not happening nearly fast enough. There are now forces of technology,
opportunity and personal interest pushing the trend. Don't be surprised if a
good portion of the laid-off workforce decides to stay at home and work once
the economy gets back into growth mode.

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