There's No Free Lunch!

Jul 19


John Colanzi

John Colanzi

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Man alive. ... I wonder if I'm in the ... a large thread in one of my favorite ... a new program. Most of the ... are abouthow to get maximum ...


Man alive. Sometimes I wonder if I'm in the twilight

There's a large thread in one of my favorite forums
about a new program. Most of the questions are about
how to get maximum spillover.


Well smack my wrist and call me shorty. I thought we
were marketers,There's No Free Lunch! Articles small business owners, entrepreneurs.

Where are the men and women who take responsibility for
their own success?

Where are the shouts of "If it's to be, it's up to

Whatever happened to rolling up your sleeves, rolling
in the mud and getting sweaty.

I didn't hear anyone talking about the thrill of the
game. How they were so excited their blood was pumping.

Forget the free lunch.

Get some grit.

Stiffen your backbone.

Get out there and take some risks.

Birds of a feather may flock together, but the brave
eagle soars alone.

Find something that will put a spring in your step.
Something that makes you want to hop out of bed in the
morning and start slaying some dragons.

Get fired up.

Even little Tommy Turtle knows if he wants to move
forward, he has to stick his neck out.

Forget the free lunch and start sticking your neck
out. You may get hit on the chin a few times, but
you'll know you're alive.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi
Street Smart Marketing

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