Top 5 Key differences between the villa and independent house

Apr 7


Anusha Rana

Anusha Rana

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Don’t be Confused between independent houses and villas. Get the complete information, including RoI, Architecture, facilities, safety and securities, neighbors etc., at HonestBroker.  


  •  What is Villa?
  •    Types of Villa
  •    What is an independent house?
  •    Difference Between independent House and Villa 
  •    costs involved
  •    Safety and Security
  •    Return On investment
  •    Based on neighbors
  •    Based on facilities

There is one thing that is common between all of us. Do you know what it is? 

Don’t know,Top 5 Key differences between the villa and independent house Articles okay, let me tell you. We all have one common dream that we would have our own home one day in our life. And we worked hard to achieve this dream, and most of us one day got our own house and lived life like a king with his family. But this decision is not all about buying a home for a single person; it’s all about buying an emotional asset for every person in the family.

 So, at the time of buying, we should be cautious whether we are moving in the right direction or not. Like most of us, we don't know the difference between a house and an independent villa and incidentally took the wrong decision. So we have to do some research before buying a house. Just as for some people, privacy and security are the most crucial factors and they don’t want any interruption when they are just chilling with their families. On the other hand, some of us prefer architecture styles like split levels, pitched roofs, etc. It depends from person to person. You have to see your budget, and available options before making a decision on an independent house or a villa.  

What Is Villa, Its Types and How Much Does it Cost?

Villa is a type of construction built on a large area and isolated from the surrounding (Close to nature or away from the crowd). Villa brings a combination of luxurious and modern things. In villas, we normally have amenities including electricity and water supply without any obstacle; children play areas, private swimming pools and clubhouse, a secured environment, etc. Villas are used for long holidays, family vacations, gathering friends and families,  and for residential purposes too. There are some popular types of areas, and let's discuss them one by one.  

1) Detached villa 

In this type of villa, isolation is marked by the surrounding fence. The area of this type of construction is typically between 1200 sqft to 1400 sqft. These structures have front, back, right, and left sides with separate functions that are harmonized into a single villa. The average cost of detached villas is Rs. 55 lakhs to Rs 16 crore. 


2) Duplex Villas

Duplex Villa is not like a single villa, and this is a kind of construction where one building is the same as the next building in terms of design, architecture, space and exterior view. This kind of formation creates similarities between architectural lines and increases the area, which helps us make our room more spacious. The average cost of a duplex villa ranges from Rs 25,000 and Rs 1.10 lakh per sq. ft.


3) Adjacent villas

In conclusion, these kinds of villas carry uniformity between each other, and the construction is next to each other. Other villa options are also available, like sea villas, garden villas, resort villas etc. The average cost of buying adjacent villas varies from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 5 crore. 


What is an independent house, and how much does it cost?


 Independent houses are generally constructed on low rises and open to the main road. In this type of construction, multiple floors are built, and one floor would be self-occupied by the developers or owners and the rest of them are used for leasing purposes. Which proved to be a decent source of income, but it would be taxable. With gated communities and shared facilities, some developers sold them luxury apartments. And the average cost of buying an independent house in India starts from Rs 10 lakhs. 


Let’s Differentiate the Villa and independent house


  • Independent House vs. Villa: According to  Facilities


When we talk about what kind of amenities are offered by flats or villas. In villas we get a private swimming pool, gym, club, bar, children play area, jogging track, lawn, garden, gated security or other luxurious facilities etc. which is beyond the normal dream of any common man. This kind of property is generally offered by big builders in their villas projects. On the other hand, when we talk about independent houses, this kind of property is generally acquired by a single-family and cannot afford to install the above-listed facilities in a single home.




  • Independent house vs Villa: According to Cost


Cost is one Of the Most Important factors when planning to buy a property. Because as we know, everyone has a budget in mind for purchasing a property or any other thing. So as we talked about in terms of villa, this is basically for upper-class families because the average starting cost of the estate in India is Rs 1.5 crore. And on the other hand, when we talk about the independent house, this kind of construction is basically for single or multiple families and the starting average cost is Rs 12 Lakhs.  


  • Independent house vs Villa: According to safety & Security


Safety is the prime concern for every person, whether he has a high profile living or a normal lifestyle. Villas has his 24x7 self-monitoring services, making him a fully self-protected campus. Whether you chill in a club, lawn, bar, jogging, etc., you are protected. On the other hand, in an independent house, the only owner is responsible for security, but he would hire protection for themselves.


  • Independent house vs. Villa: According to ROI (Return On Investment)


First of all, asking people about the return on investment (ROI) who plan to buy a villa or have it is entirely irrelevant. They have enough money to purchase an estate single-handedly, and they don’t need any financial partner to own it, and they can do so. On the other hand, when we ask the independent house owners, they find properties that have a low price tag and are situated in emerging places. And make some future ROI if they plan to sell/rent his property. But in comparison with villas, they have less return on investment.


  • Independent house vs. Villa: on the basis of Neighbors


Well, it’s all depending on personal choice. Some people are not interested in socialization, and they don’t want any type of interruption in their life. They socialize when they want. Living life in the villa will allow you to do this thing efficiently. In Villas, you live life with the people who have some mentality with you.

On the other hand, people living in independent houses come with a mixed crowd. Who doesn’t have any problem socializing themselves? So, it all depends on your choice; the way you want to live life.  


I hope this article will help you wave off your confusion between an independent house and Villa. And for free property advertisement, visit HonestBroker today. Stay tuned with us.  


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